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Miss my hubby.

Jan 04, 2010 - 2 comments



my hubby

I just feel like going to bed and its not even 7. Im board and just want the time to pass. Eating and cooking is usually what I do but when Im full, watched all the movies...I just want to sleep. Ugh.

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by TrudieC, Jan 04, 2010
Time to get some more hobbies.  You have a baby's room to decorate, maybe take up knitting or crocheting or quilting and make some things for the baby.  Is there a social group at all for wives of the soldiers there?  Wish we lived a little closer.

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by Lucey12, Jan 04, 2010
As far as the babys room. Yeah I need to clean it and all that. Move the bird out of it.My whole house needs a good cleaning Im just getting so exhausted so easily. Ive thought about the crochetting...... Ive watched my mom do it and I can do a line but as far as connecting it to make more than that... Im not so good, it requires lots of concentration. lol
believe there is a military wives group...or a group I can go to for deployed or soldiers in the field. I just don know what it is, or how to get involved. lol I did have a friend over today but as soon as she left, I just wanted to go to sleep. Instead of beings tuck on the computer wishing for something exciting to happen, I took er easy, layed on the couch and watched TV. (Ive been having stomach pains lately so I thought it be best not to do too much) I ended up falling asleep and woke to a phone message from my sister. (it was quite cute actually, she called to say she was going to send me flowers but it would be $60 for 3 gerbra daiseys! lol So she said, well they say its the thought that counts and I thought about it. LOL)

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