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Update - Pancreatitis - see last entry

Jan 04, 2010 - 14 comments

I had to stay home sick today as I did not get any sleep last night because of stomach pain and nausea.  I am also having fatigue that is so overwhelming and comes on so quickly that I feel compelled to stop whatever I am doing and go lay down.  That is very strange as that never happens to me. So I called my PCP to tell her what was going on. She asked a few questions and then asked about any neww meds I'm taking right now and I told her the only new drug is Cymbalta, which is helping me tremendously.  She wants me to come in tomorrow for a quick exam and some blood work.

This is kind of a step backwards as I have been feeling so good lately.  But I knew something wasn't right when I started having nausea last Saturday and stomach pain that is going into my back for no apparent good reason.  It started of as no big deal and is getting worse.  If I sit up I feel better, but as soon as I lay down, the pain is excruciating.  I feel like throwing up and am weak and terribly fatigued.  Feels like the flu but I don't have a fever, chills or diarreah. Thankfully I still have some antinausea medicine that they gave me last year after my blood patch and it is helping a lot. Only problem is that it makes me sleepy.  I hope tonight is a better night as I don't like taking off work especialy right now when everything is starting to gear up again after the holidays.  

I'll see what my doctor thinks may be going on in the morning.  Hope it's no big deal.  

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739070 tn?1338603402
by rendean, Jan 04, 2010

Sorry you are experiencing problems. I hope the solution is quick and simple. I will keep you in my thoughts. Feel better soon!


147426 tn?1317265632
by Quixotic1, Jan 04, 2010
Oh, Julie, let's hope this is just a virus, but make sure your PCP does a thorough check for infections everywhere - especially urine.  Where is the pain?  Mid upper tummy - pancreatitis?  Right upper tummy - gall bladder?

Keep us posted!

Doc Q

572651 tn?1530999357
by Lulu54, Jan 04, 2010
gosh Julie, I was thinking that you were heading in such a good direction, and wham!  you have to get sick.  I sure hope this doesn't last long and you get back to enjoying better health.  hugs, L

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by jois, Jan 05, 2010
Could it be gastritis? The radiating to the back and feeling better sitting up is characteristic of gastritis.

559187 tn?1330782856
by Sarahsmom46, Jan 05, 2010

Thanks you guys.  Jois, I sure wish it was gastritis that would be so much easier to deal with.

I saw my PCP and she sent me over to the hospital for an urgent u/s.  The pancreas was very idfficult to image no matter what view they tried to get.  They ordered a abdominal CT and saw some stones, but weren't sure if they were significant enough to be causing all this pain.  Now they want to order an ERCP test to see the pancreas better.  

All I know for sure right now is that it is not full-blown pancreatitis but can either be related to that or strictly the gallbladder.  I know a few years ago my GI wanted to remove the GB, but I didn't want to do it at the time.  Changed my diet and lost some weight and that seemed to help at least until I started meds that put the weight back on.

I am waiting for the blood work to come back and an appointment for the ERCP and then we will decide what to do next.  My PCP says that I am stable right now, but if the pain intensifies and doens't let up within an hour that I am advised to go to the ER.  I was given pain meds, but told not to take them unless I "really" need them.  They mask the pain and doctor doesn't want my pain masked.  Sounds like fun.  

I know this will get better.  I have had similar pain before and it resolved on its own.  Hopefully that will happen this time too.  

Thanks again you guys for your comments and concern.  I'll let you know if anything changes.  


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by texasgirl150, Jan 08, 2010
Pancreatitis is no fun!! I had 2 bouts of it last summer. 3 days in the hospital with ice chips only. the fix for pancreatitis is no food or liquid while the pancreas relaxes. After the second bout, i had an endoscopic ultrasound-which is no big deal because they knock you out- and they found a stone that had formed inside my pancreas. they took it out during the test ad i have been fine since. dr said it was rare to find one there.

pancreatitis pain is very distinctive. i was nauseous, even actually threw up a few times, very light headed (blacked out on the potty) and trembling. very clamy feeling-like you said, it was like the flu with no fever.

best of luck to you and i hope it is nothing serious!!

559187 tn?1330782856
by Sarahsmom46, Jan 09, 2010
Well it has been a hellish 5 days.  I had ultrasound on Tues and doctor decided to do CT instead of ERCP Wed morn. After the CT and blood work was reviewed, I was immediately admitted to the hospital.  Pancreas is inflamed and gallstones were the culprit.  I learned that I have probably had sereal bouts of pancreatitis in the past, hronic pancreatitis, why didn't anyone ever figure this out before?  Guess now I know what was behind the "IBS" symptoms now.

I am supposed to be discharged sometime today, but I am a little afraid to go home because I am afraid of eating.  I have been so nauseous, throwing up, so I have no desire to eat at all, but I'm afraid that the pain will come back.  I have also developed high glucose levels like I did when I had solumedrol last June so the nurses have been giving me insulin injections.  I am waiting for the hospital internist to come in, already saw the resident this morning, to see if in fact I am going home. Will update later.

572651 tn?1530999357
by Lulu54, Jan 09, 2010
Julie, I was wondering about yourabsence.

Are they talking about removing the GB or do your have to wait for the inflammation to pass?  

I hope you get the care you are comfortable with and if it includes staying in the hospital a while longer, so be it.

keep us updated, ok?

gentle hugs,

559187 tn?1330782856
by Sarahsmom46, Jan 09, 2010
Thanks Laura and everyone else for your kind thoughts.

My discharge was cancelled so looks like I am in here at least until tomorrow.   I am really happy with the specialist. He has been good about sharing the results and answering our questions.  He said that removing the gallbladder right now is up to me, but that this is highly likely to recur so it should be removed sometime soon.  We have decided to postpone a suregery right now for other reasons.  My pulmonary functions have been bad for several months, but the numbers are even lower right now.  

Good news is my enzyme levels are coming down as well as my WBC which was almost 20,000.  My insulin levels are still over 300 though don't know how that can be with not eating.  I'll have to ask next time. I'm having much less pain especially when I can sit up and the nausea is finally under control.  

I had to say good-bye to my son on Wednesday by phone from the ER and then my daughter last night.  We had a great visit and I'm so glad this happened at the end of their visit.  

I am happy to have internet access and TV/DVD.  That is making this place feel less like a prison.

I do wan to get up and walk around but there's a big red star outside my door that means I'm a fall risk.  I am really weak and unbalanced, but don't feel I am in a true exaccerbation so that is good so far. They keep asking me if I am havinga flare up though.  Geez, last thing I want right now is steroids.  Al is loooking around for a spare wheelchair so we can go on a ride.  I haven't been outside my room except for tests since Wed.  

Anyway, that is all for now.  Think I am going to read some more of the posts here and then sleep.  Thanks agian you guys.

559187 tn?1330782856
by Sarahsmom46, Jan 09, 2010
Can't sleep.

739070 tn?1338603402
by rendean, Jan 09, 2010
Well, I just typed a long response sending you good wishes along with my undignified experiences with being a fall risk and deleted it by accident...dang it!  Eyesight is blurred so you'll just get the Reader's digest version.

I still am sending wishes for a speedy recovery. With the inflammation from the pancreas calming down, your blood sugars should be improving soon too.

Sending you a cyber spring bouquet of flowers.  Imagine a colorful bouquet of pink tulips, yellow daffodils and white daisies interspersed with baby 's breath and gorgeous greenery in translucent lavender vase.

I hope you feel better soon. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.


147426 tn?1317265632
by Quixotic1, Jan 09, 2010
Julie - Hi, Hon, I'm glad you seem to be recovering from this.  I apparently was not far off the mark when I suggested pancreatitis and/or gall bladder as a possible cause.  It sounds like the GB triggered the inflammation in the pancreas?  I can't think of many things that would be more painful or make you feel more sick.  My thoughts are with you.

The pancreas usually "secretes" the insulin in response to dietary intake of carbohydrates.  But, when the pancreas is inflamed the insulin and other digestive enzymes just leak out.  That would be why your insulin levels are high.

Take care, dearheart, I wish you felt better and do feel better with each day!  Don't get into any hottubs in the meantime, eh?

We're all thinking about you.


559187 tn?1330782856
by Sarahsmom46, Jan 10, 2010
I'm still here if you can believe that.  Probably tomorrow depending on what my doctor says in the morning. I am glad not to be going home today because I don't feel that great.  But being immobile is just making me weaker and weaker.  OT came today to give me a work out geez, can't believe how weak I've become.  Well, Al and Adam are on their way so I need to try to make myself look presentable.  

Love you guys.


645390 tn?1338555377
by michelleric, Jan 11, 2010

I am sorry I didnt see your post earlier. I am so sorry you are sick and still in the hospital. How are you feeling today? I am thinking of you and saying a prayer this will all be behind you soon,

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