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In constant pain, various places

Apr 07, 2015 - 0 comments

constant pain







My left hip hurts dreadfully.  Could barely move and was limping badly today, worst day yet.  Just touching the area makes me whimper.  This particular pain began after I literally fell into a hole up to my knee about three weeks ago with my left leg foot first, and landed on my rear.  
Have had a burning knife stuck in my back around the right shoulder blade for over seven months now.  May have sustained injury when former domestic partner picked me up by my right arm and literally threw me on my back (which also caused me a concussion).
Neither ibuprofen, naproxen, nor acetaminophen with codeine are helping much, the pain just never goes away.  It's very exhausting and annoying.  
Pain also in both hands and outer thighs, these are not bothering me quite so much at this time.  Also have a very damaged left knee.  
I'm not anywhere near any kind of medical care at this time, nor do I have any kind of insurance.  

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