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Baby Weston

Jan 04, 2010 - 2 comments






Today I went to see Dr. Gernt. I had an ultrasound to look at his kidneys. She said they appear to be normal.!!!But here's the thing! I have 10 weeks to go and he weighs 3 lbs and 9 ozs already!!! He is going to be HUGE!!!!

Weston Allen Clark Kerr
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by julianovak, Jan 04, 2010
they can be a lb off---- dont fret just yet girl!! my doc told me ohhh your definatly gonna have an 8 lber!! guess what she was 5.9 lb when the nurse came to check her 3 days after birth WAY OFF

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by DMK1981, Jan 05, 2010
Thanks, That makes me feel alot better!  I was worried sick. WOW, they was way off when they guess your babys weight! But good to know!

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