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April 2015

Apr 09, 2015 - 0 comments

I'm sorry to be an intrusion or bother  but I'm in sever need of an opinion I'm 17...I've had those same symptoms and then some ..I haven't hit my or head or got any type of concussion.......Has anyone experienced the sensation in  a way that you can feel your arms like vibrate/tremble? I swear it seems to move up and down my body and sometimes I can feel it in my head when I lay down at night. I have this feeling almost like my heart is beating in my stomach it'll just move like a rapid twitch but feels like my heartbeat.  I also get a prickly/tingling feeling in my hands and legs and I almost feel like my hand is weak or something. These syprs have happening  for a week followed by 2 weeks of waking up lightheaded, having eye problem, sleeping for long periods and still feeling tired and having that last all day. Lightheadedness has gone but now this is scaring me. I'm really terrified could anyone say if they experienced the same thing??? I've been tested for a thyroid problem, anemia, viruses, and a couple of other things everything came back normal. I'm just wondering if anyone thinks it may be a sign of MS my mom and her aunt both have it. Please someone help! I'm terrified I may have something terminable or even ALS..maybe I'm overthinking(I have bad anxiety) but I know my body and something wrong please someone anyone help I've been searching for answers and no one can seem to find any. All I find are old forums ...,,My dr doesn't know what to he won't call my house back......I know u guys aren't doctors but I can't find anyone willing to take time to try help me make sense of this

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