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Neck Pressure- Throbbing neck, headaches, worsens with activity

Dec 09, 2007 - 4 comments






I was wondering if someone could help me identify the source of my recent symptoms.

About 8 mths ago I was performing cardio, as regular, and at the time felt that I had gotten in a good cool down. However, later that nite when I was sleeping, I could hear my heartbeat pounding in my ear, and there was a pain in the left side of my neck. Over the months, the pain radiated into my shoulder, the pressure in my neck occurred more often, and was on both sides. It was as if someone were choking me. Also, after I ate the pressure in my neck worsened (it's becoming more difficult to tell when I'm hungry), I couldn't put my head lower than my chest, and I couldn't even perform the most moderate exercises without extreme discomfort on a daily basis. As the months passed I could feel my heart beating in my chest, although my blood pressure was normal (actually low, but I was always commended by Dr.s on that). I've seen 6 physicians; my EKG came back normal, the ultrasound on my neck showed no blood vessel blockage, the neck excercises one doctor perscribed worsened everything- my neck felt swollen the next day and I was spitting up mucus and blood. So, the pressure has become constant, with my chest, neck and head always throbbing.
     I haven't had a seizure in 6 years, am on no medication, am at a good weight (5'6" 120lbs), would be active if I could. I do take hypoglycemic attacks, and eat on a very regular basis (my body has a strict schedule and if I don't eat about every 2 hours I get symptoms similar to those preceeding a seizure). So, I've learned to control my body, and my epilepsy by being in great shape, and taking excellent care of myself (my diet is impecable).
     Since I obviously have no idea what is happening to me, and neither do any of the doctors, could someone please pass along any information/expertise they may have, or recommend another specialist to see?
      Thank you so much for your help

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by intomyhealth, Jan 28, 2008
I am a 39 year old healthy female.  I have had similar symptoms on and off for the last year or so.  I went my doctor and he said sound like muscle problem..suggested neck stretches.  I am certain it is not muscle related.  It feels to me like what I would imagine is a high blood pressure sensation in my neck and head...feels like someone is choking me..pressure is especially heavy straight up both sides from base of neck to near back of ears.  Includes a throbbing feel and headache as well.  I have noticed it gets worse when I am stressed and during these flares...feels worse when I excercise.  I wonder if it could be anxiety related.  That would explain the feelings and the heart pounding.  I am assuming mine is anxiety, although it feels like something is wrong and is scary.  I will talk to my doctor again during my physical...if you have any more input, feel free to reply.  Hope this gives you some ideas.  Take care

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by islandshaw, Feb 12, 2008
Thanks for your reply.
Since I've posted my last entry, I went to see a neurologist, he said that I had cronic tension headaches. He recommended stretching (which worsened pain for me), thearapeutic massage and accupuncture, neither of which I've tried yet. But these symptoms are also accompanied by severe fatigue, and inability to sense when I'm full after eating. Although, my blood pressure was excellent. However, previous symptoms remain just as bad. I am going back to my GP, and address all the issues, prehaps through referral.
                            Thanks so much for your entry. I'm a very healthy person, and these unknown symptoms are very disconcerting to me.
                               Thanks again...

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by tremble1, Mar 22, 2008
My medication for Epilepsy is Lamictal and Valium when I am having a conversation with a neighbour or a cup of coffee my neck trembles and my hand holding the cup will shake such is an example for15 years. my neurologist advise was to stop taking Valium but I will have a seizure,others Doctors reports are that I have stress and anxiety.
I am confused can anyone with such send me advise please
Email ***@****
Thank you Brian

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by gg193, Aug 26, 2012
I was jus put on Xanax for anxiety That I have never felt in my whole life.I have had all tests anyone can ever imagine.All negative.The meds stopped heart palpitations and I feel so much better.My neck muscle still tightens and throbs only when Im tense.I also had tension headaches that required 4 cortisone shots in the back of my neck which stopped the headaches.Befor that I thought I would die!

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