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Chronic Pain and Damage to the Brain

Jun 28, 2008 - 1 comments






We've all had the could being in this much pain not cause physical damage?
The answere:It does

Alot of recent research has shown there is a new reason to take Chronic Pain seriously. Brain Damage.

Physically dealing with chronic pain is like constantly being in over drive. When someone is not in pain all the different areas of the brain function equally. When using one part of the brain the other parts are supposed to become less active.
But for those of us who experience Chronic Pain there is a part of our brain that never quiets down.  This wears out the nuerons which changes there connection to one another.
Because of this perminant damage can be done because nuerons arent ment to fire so continuesly.

A man by the name of Dante Chialvo who is reserch professor of Physiology found that when he compared the brains of someone who experiences chronic back pain to someone who does not under an MRI that there are differences in how the person with chronic pain will complete a task. It still gets completed but the CP sufferer uses there brains differently to do so.

Being in pain every day of every year possibly for the rest of our lives can actually cause perminant damage to the wiring in our brains.
So far this damage has been shown to effect decision making and even getting yourself into a good mood.
There is so much research being done recently as to how CP can actually damage our bodies. Not just making them weaker and causing depression and a lower quality of life.

With CP being research so seriously and evidence being found on an MRI scan of the different ways CP sufferers use there brain,  I think we may all be able to put a little more hope in that one day soon they will be able to prove that we are in pain which will help us get the treatment we need. And even find that pain can be treated in new ways.

Regarless of what he future holds it looks like there is yet another reason as to why CP needs to be taken seriously and treated accordingly.


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by Sunes, Jun 30, 2008
Hi .I am so sorry to hear you are in cronic pain and if I had a magic wand I would take the pain away and cure so many people. of so many diseases.. I read the book called" The Brain that Changes Itself " by   Norman Doige,M.D. and I was enlightened by it. If you did not read it I would suggest it very much.  
There is another book 'The German New Medicine' by Ryke Gerd Hamer, M.D.  and talks only about Brain and why people get sick and it shows MRI scans of the brain etc.  I got this one myself and I am still reading it.It's very scientific and technical but I am enjoying it. I mention this book on OV CA forum and was rediculed so much I had to take it down.
Hope alternative remedie can help you with pain.

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