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Jan 06, 2010 - 2 comments

Well AF is here .. again. A day early at that.
I have now done 6 rounds of clomid, 7 rounds of Femara, 6 rounds of triggers, had a Lap done got fixed up, and now a round of Follistim shots.... I just want to know when this will end. The depression is so bad I just want to throw in towel and call it a day... Currently crying and waiting on doc to call... What else can I do.

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by Sammy_J, Jan 09, 2010
I know how you feel. Its awful. Take it easy and if you need to let it out by crying then go ahead and do so. Nothing lightens the heart like a good cry. I cried yesterday on my first beta and am feeling so much better now. If second beta confirms BFN then I'm going to be ready for the next try.
You will feel strong also after you let it all out. And we will both go on and get BFPs. I can feel it :)
Hugs and prayers,

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by rebel5, Jan 12, 2010
Oh sweetie im so sorry this road is so long and hard.

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