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Jun 28, 2008 - 2 comments

Thanks to all for their notes.  I am recovering nicely.   The drugs are great!  I sleep a lot. The swelling is going down some and is softening.  I really did not expect to look pregnant ever again!  I counted 20 staples...since my husband was too chicken!  It looks ugly but the beauty is I do not have cancer!  My right ovary looked it was not removed so no hormones which is great b/c that would just be one more difficult decision to make.

I am having a weird pain or sensation, however, that the doctors can not explain.  It feels almost like a muscle tension headach running along the right side of my head and neck, along my right arm and shoulder and my right hand is weak.  It feels like nerve pain and I have previously been diagnosed with siatica so I have nerve pain medication but it does not work on this pain.  It is a constant and deep pain.  It makes if hard to get confortable to go to sleep even with the drugs.  But it is not getting worse. I was concerned it might be a blook clot but was assured that was not possible since it is in my upper body. So,  I am riding it out til Monday and then may need to go back to the hospital if it does not resolve itself.  The doctors think it may just be the way I lay when I was out for the surgery but it is not like a kink in the neck ....Has anyone else experienced this?

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by TrudieC, Jun 28, 2008
I have been struggling with this kind of pain for many years.  I had been diagnosed with tempororamdibular joint & muscle (TMJ).  It occurs when you either grind your teeth or clench your jaw when sleeping or when under stress.  I have even had it act up when I sleep on pillows when away from home which affect the angle.  This gives me all the symptoms you are describing.  If it is cronic you can look at getting a mouth guard but to get rid of the pain I would recommend therapeutic massage and/or acupuncture.  You might also want to get an heat inducing arthritic cream that you can run on you neck, shoulder and down your arm and take Ibruprofen for the inflammation.

Good luck and hope you doing better soon.


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by WolfeHall, Jun 28, 2008
Thanks.  Actually I have been diagnosed with TMJ years ago but I never had these I will pull out my old mouth guard and give it a try. Thanks again.

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