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Apr 14, 2015 - 0 comments

An ARNP has taken interest in me and my hormones. My last FSH/LH test showed the FSH double the LH, which she said is a possible sign of PCOS, but to make sure, it has to be done on my cycle, along with a fasting blood sugar (high level is another indication of possible PCOS). Last week, had it all done while on my monthly, and the FSH is over 9 and the LH is 4. And the fbs is high normal (5.something out of 6). She's sending me for an ovarian U/S, and with all that combined, I just may have PCOS.

Puzzle pieces falling together here. I had a dermoid cyst inside my rt ovary about 25 yrs ago. Last month, a "fertility specialist" did a follicular U/S, showed me my rt ovary that looked like it had just released an egg (uh-yeah, it was my C16) and there was something dark and round attached to it. He said it was "probably another follicle"....uh, could it also be, oh, I don't know, a CYST??

After these past 3 months of being treated ONLY to make sure I ovulated (which I had been and continue to even withOUT Letrizole and HCG injections) and not  for the supposed "cause" of corpus luteum disorder, I FIRED the S'toon "specialist" (just never called or went back) and will see that other one in NB this Friday to let him know what I'm doing, what the ARNP is doing for me and see if he'll be my OB.

Can you believe it? Not one medical Dr took interest in this, even when I mentioned Metformin a year ago to my family Dr, she could have started to look into PCOS. The flipping' fertility specialists could have looked into it. The blood work was there from last November..... ugh. NOOBS!!

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