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Emergency Surgery to Remove Ectopic

Jan 07, 2010 - 7 comments

Last night i was admitted to the emergency room at 8:45 after having severe abdominal pain.  It was the most excrucitaing pain i have ever felt.  After having more than a few shots of morphine and another super strong drug, delodin, nothing was working.  The ER doctor was worried that it was a gall bladder problem and also, thought it had something to do with the ectopic.  Before sending me for the u/s they did a quant and my levels were 137.  Down from 820 last week.  I for sure thought that that couldn't be what it was and maybe i was having a severe kidney infection, kidney stone or as he thought something with my gall bladder.  The ultrasound was done by a tech and of course she wasn't able to tell me anything.  After the u/s the ER doc came in and told DH and I that I had severe bleeding in my abdomen which would be caused from the ectopic.  After deciding who would do the surgery -- they weren't sure if they were going to send me to my RE in Madison (an hour + away) or have the on call OB do it.  We decided it was best to stay there.  I was rushed to OR at 1:30am.  The OB told me she was unable to save my left tube.  They removed 300 ml of blood from my abdomen.  Also, I woke up barely able to breath because my lungs had fluid in them.  I had to have a few nebulizer treatments done which finally helped.  I was in the hospital until 12pm today and am at home now resting.  My mom, sister and husband got me all set up with anything i could need.  I have 3 incisions from the laproscopy that are sore and my stomach is extremly bloated.  We have decided that were are taking a long break so that i can recover and give my body a rest.    

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478429 tn?1265244387
by dnikki0928, Jan 07, 2010
Wow...I'm sorry you had to go through all this. I am however, glad you are okay. Thoughts are with you.

330481 tn?1309488243
by scienceteacher79, Jan 07, 2010
Oh my God! I am so happy you are okay! I wish you hadn't had to lose your tube. That sucksssss! My right tube is blocked but I got pregnant twice in the last few years even with the blockage. I am praying for a speedy recovery for you. Hugs!!


334926 tn?1436811523
by butterflybabies, Jan 07, 2010
OMG I am sooooo sorry to hear about this..I cant believe with an hcg level of 137 you would have a rupture? they always told me whenever I had pain during pregnancy that it was to small to feel or cause mustve started a slow leak when your number was higher...
Dont get to discouraged about only having one tube..lots of women get preggo with one tube...yep you need like 3 months or so to fully recover..I swear after my ectopic if i ovulate from my left side (which was ectopic side) I can really feel it..seems more sensitive..
Well take it easy and take care of yourself! Wish I was there to give you a big hug,
Lots of love,

560091 tn?1437051032
by Wits777, Jan 07, 2010
I'm so sorry you went through that! I can only imagine what your going through! I had a lap done in November and that alone hurt you must be miserable! I hope you get better ASAP!

1065342 tn?1317871606
by hopefulmiranda, Jan 11, 2010
i'm so sorry about your loss. I know what u must be feeling for I also had an ectopic removed at 8 weeks (after 10 months of fertility treatments) last may. Thankfully my OB saved my tube but evidently it was damaged and my left tube is also damaged and possibly blocked. DH and I also took a 3 month break before trying again and finally did IVF and we are blessed with a twin pregnancy. Take time for yourself to recover physically and emotionally. Good luck to you and keep your faith always!

1014822 tn?1338648073
by Kara_robbie, Jan 11, 2010
So sorry for all that you just went through. How scary that must have been for you. Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

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by mlb1234, Jan 11, 2010
Wow your story sounds very similar to mine last July.  I also had an ectopic and lost a tube (I also had internal bleeding and lost lots of blood like you!)  My advice it to take it easy for about 2 weeks.  I only took one week off work and should have taken another.  Go easy on lifting anything as well.  Lifting my 18 month old daughter caused me lots of pain afterwards!!  We are TTC again but may be faced with IVF if my left ovary doesn't start pumping out follies soon!  Rest and heal both your body and mind.

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