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Lolo having urinary problems :-(

Apr 15, 2015 - 0 comments

urinary problems

I will start this journal with stuff already published as status and try to keep it uptodate.

Protein level is ok and so other points,
But there is hidden blood,some skin cells, eritrocites, leucocites  AND CRiSTALS ( fosfate kind)
too much +++ for my tranquility :( Vet prescribed 3 medicines,I'm still checking prices
S...ALL CAT/pets  parents should be born with a good monetary source...
22 hrs ago

I wish they didnt have different vets every day - they never agree about medication prescribed and the one today is not one of my favorites
22 hrs ago
A whole day searching  in lots of humane drugstores and changes in products vet authorized  and the  total price of meds need it was reduced to about the half;
I started 2 yesterday  ( corticoid and antibiotic) but I still have to bay C vitamine
In fact, he didnt prescribe very expensive stuff - just that I am more f # than ever.
LoLo always drank a good among of water.And she is the one with daily sachet food....hope it helps.
9 mins ago
16pm _ just bought the  c vitamin.Strating tomorrow.Caramel flavour - poor girl...

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