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Nearly !!!!!!!!

Jan 08, 2010 - 4 comments

Had a bit of an annoying morning today , you know when you get up wonder round thinking there is a conspiracy from your family to give you a hard day , no , oh ok but thats what i had .
So i know where there aresome Solpadol 30/500 pills in my partners draw and i thought that i was going to teach everyone a lesson and start taking them , we'll i never , which is pretty good for me as i always used to fall for that one(pat on the back 4 me)
Your probably wondering why i dont tell her i know where they are or why i dont chuck them . We'll i dont want to because i want to be able to be around them , without concern that i will fall off the wagon , i want to have the strength to say 'no chance ' rather then the weekness to say 'ok just a couple'
we'll thats me done and im thinking there probably was no conspiracy to bring me down its just life living in a house with 3 females .

Have a good day guys !!

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710423 tn?1271161074
by Amaryllis1974, Jan 08, 2010
Do you know how dangerous that is?
I respect your resolve, and will power, but as
addicts, will power can NOT keep us clean.
Tempting yourself is / can be a fatal error.
I have done the same, time and again.
It has proven fruitless, time and again.
And after each fall, I am more beaten
than the time before.

Do yourself a favour and flush em.
I say this out of purest concern.
It is NOT a sign of weakness, but keeping them around, is.

1159181 tn?1284583754
by PARA78, Jan 08, 2010
Thanks Amy ,
point taken i probably am playing with the devil.XX

710423 tn?1271161074
by Amaryllis1974, Jan 08, 2010
No probably, Para.
You are.
Remove them...
If I did, you should too! (:

1159181 tn?1284583754
by PARA78, Jan 09, 2010
The thing is i am stubborn and it pisses me off that something can beat me , and she hides them because i took all of her 240 in i think in  2 weeks,  back in september.
So what i am saying is that i had a hard time off her then , and quite rightly so i dont want to let her down . The thing is she never asked why i did it she just said that when she needs to get more the doctors will think she is a junkie , so like a dog with floppy ears i mulled into the corner and licked my wounds .

I cant say i know they are there cos i cant get the support i needed and so produces a double negative , yeh , yah see !!!!

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