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Programing - Cult Groups

Jan 08, 2010 - 2 comments


Just came to a new bridge in my efforts to understand all the lost time in my life - the bridge was up !!! till my sister -also a Survivor/victum - gave me information that leades me to beleive that  my abusers were also part of a cult, and my memmory loss is part of "programing" so that I don't recal and cant then give them away and will also not know wat else was done to me by those evil people -( i think of them and i have such rage that my anger is getting out of control ) hatepainangerhurthumiliationnaussiashamedefeatloss.   P

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by MrsMacDugle, Jan 14, 2010
Dearest Paul,

Oh merciful heavens, sorry that you've undergone so much in your life.  I do fully understand the brainwashing effect that some may have done on you.  I pray that you are able to overturn the brainwashing & form complete memories so that you may cleanse yourself of the haunting half memories one day.  And be able to begin to live without them in the future.

I know with my own memories of my past it is very difficult to make it through the day sometimes, but I do know that in time my wounded spirit will be fully mended.

I'll continue to lift you up in my prayers.


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by jacktar09, Jan 14, 2010
thank you Debra - and I am sure that now that I have a key I can chose to unlock the door or keep it locked forever ! but at least I have the choice, not some one else.!! thank you for your prayers - would you also say special ones for my younger sister Heather, all so a survivor, who is still trying to cope after 15 years of on and off help - she is truly chrisitian - even with disabilities- that forced her to give up a teaching job and debt that resulted; she has still reached out to a young girl who was on the street as a drug addicted, hooker - she took her in to her home has helped her at every turn; and yet because the girl lost her job recently, she took advantage of Heather's generosity to aswage her problems with drugs again. It is causing Heather untolde more hardship and heart ache, but she is still "out there" being more of a christian than anyone I know, including me - she needs our paryers and GODS  blessings - thank you - Blessing to you - Paul.

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