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Jun 29, 2008 - 0 comments

GEEZ! I never knew how boring it can be when your babys away! Lol.. Ayla went with her grandma to Lowes to get out of the house, while Im here doing her laundry. We'll the 27th was my birthday.My baby's father bought me a diamond earrings and ring set. They are really nice! I was surprised by the thought. Then we went to the IMAX theatre in Dublin. It was nice. But it was funny how all my "friends" got so mad at me because I didnt want to go drink and do whatever they do with them. Haha Im a mom now I cant be doing all the ****. Now there not talking to me. Haha. Yea it *****. But I guess I figured out who my true friends are now that Ayla's here!

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