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Anyway but loose !

Jan 09, 2010 - 4 comments

It is bloody cold here , ive done some cold weather training in the balklans and that was cold so me thinking im clever put my t-shirt on and a camel duffer coat over it . Ill be fine this aint a thing i said as i departed . SSSSSSHHHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTTT , that was a mistake its like a million degrees below zero here .

I am trully sorry to the sun and i apologise for saying those nasty things to you in the summer when i was sweating , hey sun , your hot and i miss you .xxxxxxxxxxx

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by dbrowneyedgirl, Jan 09, 2010
LoL @ your comments & apology to the sun. That's some funny ****.
So I'm bragging. Sunny & about 70 here today. Winters are beautiful. Its the dry hot summers that are a living hell. You want some beautiful winter weather come to Arizona baby! Now I should get off my butt and go bask in it awhile.
Celebrating 12 days clean. Think I'll go for a little jog.
Enjoy your day and keep those toes & fingers warm :)

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by dominosarah, Jan 09, 2010
Can i throw in my apology to the sun here too?!!  Its only about -40 below here today.....sara

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by PARA78, Jan 09, 2010
Yeh thanks , i feel really better now , hang on i think the sun just popped out with its best friend the cold crappy bitter wind , maybe it could rain aswell ,

Damn you Arizonians , haha ....

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by PARA78, Jan 09, 2010
The sun dislikes us , but we will not falter !!!!!!! we will avenge with a scarf and wolly hat , just like the one our nans used to knit........ hey come on its the fashion now...........

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