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Dr. Ken Renney - for PN and PNE - July 25

Jun 29, 2008 - 2 comments

pudendal nerve entrapment


ischial tuberosity


scar tissue

I have a phone appointment with Dr. Renney to discuss the possibility that I have a Pudendal Nerve Entrapment. Makes sense to me. My pain is in the Ischial Tuberosity area. Also the vaginal canal and rectal area. Those last 2 have been checked out with no problems. Everyone including my GYN and Gastro specialist say the pain is from some sort of nerve problem. Last year while doing exercise with stretch bands, just after I progressed to a stronger band this horrible pain began. Only way I can get any relief is to lay down and sometimes standing up.

My pain doctor wants to implant a nerve stimulator because I've been diagnosed with arachnoiditis, but I want to see what Dr. Renney says. I really do not have the symptoms of arachnoiditis but I do have a LOT of scar tissue.

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by djmetzger, Aug 25, 2008
I also am having specific problems of late. Being a male, my problems relate to testicular and anorectal pain becomign quite severe. Just had my initial phone consult with Renney a few weeks ago. It was brief and extremely 'dry'. The process though looks more promising than anything I have been told to date. Been to a host of Doctors so far with no clear diagnostic approach to finality. One recommended an MRN (Neurography.) Got the radiologist of my last MRi to agree and went to Pennsylvania to get it done. Just got that report back after 2 weeks wait from Dr. Filler (Santa Monica, Ca). To say that its the most detailed radiolgy report I have ever seen is an understatement. I will probably post it shortly on my new blog about pelvic pain (PNE) shortly for all to review. In the end, the report specify's damaged and inflammed PN areas and potential entrapment. When I spoke with Renney he said he and his team didn't hold much weight to the technology.. What that means is something to wonder about.... I have the beginning of the PNE process with Renney in mid-September and will post about the experience in Houston as things progress. I'm also being treated and tracked with my Primary in NYC through Hospital for Special Surgery. We'll see what happens with that as well. As a pain med, Neurontin seems to work pretty well, other than the side effects of laziness and mental slow-down. Good luck.  

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by Trojan68, Aug 25, 2008
Actually, no 2 doctors have the same view of my problems. Dr. Renney wasn't sure but wanted to see me. I also had an odd sense of our discussion, but had heard of his lack of bedside manner. Had problems getting the necessary testing prior to trip to his office. In the meantime, I saw another neurosurgeon here locally who looked at my tests and say that fused bone from 2-level fusion has grown inward pressing on nerves, so they are going in to take care of that. So, that is my situation right now.

Good luck to you in September.

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