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yoga and hypothyroid...

Jan 10, 2010 - 0 comments




this week I discovered a really nice yoga centre in my area with an incredible introductory offer. I've paid £10 for unlimited classes for ten days! Normally individual classes cost £11 or more! They also do meditation sessions. There are lots of different types of classes, some very gentle. I've found I felt a lot better most days this week and wonder how much that could be to do with the yoga classes or whether it's a coincidence, I've been wanting to do yoga for a few weeks now but hadn't felt well enough to even go, till now. I had done 1 class with an instructor at my gym at the start of December and that was all I'd managed.

the other thing that's nice is that it is such a lovely environment to be in and the people are really caring and knowledgeable - it seems like all they talk about is how good yoga is for the endocrine system, and that's before I say anything to anyone about being hypothyroid...

watch this space.

(oh and yes, once the intro offer finishes I'll have to pay normal prices for the classes, but I think it might be worth it...)

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