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My Story.  The Fight to Survive.

Apr 30, 2015 - 0 comments









parasite worms



I'm struggling on where to start, so I'll just say this....I cannot comprehend how masses of people from all over the
globe are fighting a similar affliction/invasion, yet the powers that be, and the medical profession are looking the other way.  There are untold numbers of sick, and perhaps dying individuals, who are pleading for some kind of acknowledgement, and help.  Not too long ago, someone found a dead eagle infested with a parasite, and it made the front page.  I think the situation is criminal.  

I waited six months for my appointment with a parasite specialist at a major university hospital.  I told him my situation, my symptoms, and asked him to please help me.  He said "What you're describing only happens in third world countries."  then offered to set me up with a psychiatric evaluation.

I'm fairly sure I'm slowly dying from something that has made it's way to my lungs, brain, sinus, eyes, mouth/throat.
My body temp stays at about 96-97 degrees.  My vision is dwindling at a high rate of speed.  My thought process has declined.  I switch from one farm med to another, in hopes of surviving long enough to see the day that some government officials, or the medical community comes clean about what is going on, and hopefully provides hope of a cure.  Why is the situation not making headlines across the globe????

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