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Its 2010!

Jan 12, 2010 - 0 comments

Today will be my first exercise class since 8th December 2009!  I've been beyond lazy but in my defence its been so cold  i've struggled to leave the house for work let alone anything else. I should have started last week but due to the snow everything was cancelled - so today is day one of my exercise regime for 2010.  
I've decided to kickstart January and try out all the different instructors now available for Zumba - All of the new classes are also 1/2 price for January so thats a bonus.
                                                               From February
Monday  - FREE DAY                               Monday - FREE DAY
Tuesday - 1 & 1/2hrs                                 Tuesday - 1 & 1/2hrs
Wednesday - 1hr                                      Wednesday - 1hr
Thursday - 1hr                                          Thursday - FREE DAY
Friday - FREE DAY                                   Friday - FREE DAY
Saturday - 1hr                                           Saturday - 1hr    
Sunday - 1hr                                         Or Sunday - 1hr

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