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Just another day

Jun 30, 2008 - 3 comments

well I already know that today will be like the rest..
my kids will drive me insane, and I feel bad for saying so..I know I won't get any help from carl and that frusterates me.. oh well just another day..

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by extrmeski, Jul 12, 2008
It should frustrate you, I loved helping and being around my family....  what a crazy world we live in.

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by sandee1818, Jul 12, 2008
I know how you feel. My honey will give me a break from my girls ( 5&6 ) but he lets them do whatever they want pull all the toys in the living room and have chips and Pepsi in there too, so its much easier just to skip the break sometimes. If he is in a generous mood he will make them clean up their mess before mommy sees it:)
I have the girls 24/7 and that is the only time they are out of my sight. They have never been away from me for any length of time, spoiled rotten as you can surmise. Hope you get your break and have a great weekend!

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by fibromama, Jul 15, 2008
i know exactly how you feel and am getting so tired of it.  My kids always fighting and never listening the depression is taking over and my husband is a lier,cheater and could care less about how I feel.  Maybe we can talk sometime and vent to eachother,,take care

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