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repetetive thoughts/obsession, meds change, self view

May 02, 2015 - 0 comments

two weeks into increased dose of topamax. have had two migraines. have lost 2 pounds.
starting to shake the weeks of obsessing about hubby (possibly) using porn again-- tho he's shown NO signs of it whatsoever. I think its just me over stressing about the past. feel sluggish and frumpy. want to lose weight-- have trouble doing so, not got much will power-- tho I eat alot less..... used to feel pretty confident in my own skin-- but starting to see where I am overweight and unattractive because  of it. i weigh 185 lbs and am 5'3" tall.... way too much fat for my short frame. need an overhaul. just need to figure out a way that will work for ME.

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