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Jan 13, 2010 - 1 comments

Today was my appt after the removal of the ectopic.  Everything looks good with my incisions. I still have some pain more like irritation.  My doctor said this is normal and a lot due to the gas they fill you up with as well as leftover blood.  She said I should feel back to normal in a week.  I am going back to work tomorrow and I am dreading it.  I just wish I could crawl up in a ball and stay in bed.  I just don't feel like seeing people and having to put a smiley face on and act all happy like nothing has happened.  DH and I are thinking we will probably wait until April to start again.  Not that we won't have fun in the meantime.  It would be so nice if it just happened on its own.  *Sigh*  I did get the pics from the surgery and it shows the ectopic and my fallopian tube.  I can't believe how big it got.  And to see inside my body is very strange.

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by butterflybabies, Jan 13, 2010
Im glad your appointment went ok...I didnt get to see my ectopic surgery pic, but got my ultrasound pics from the diagnosis of ectopic, which I had framed cause you can see the baby perfectly....I hope everyone leaves you alone at work, I know the feeling of wanting to just be invisible...I hate putting on that fake face to...I hope you start to feel even better and this time flies by..

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