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just okay

Jun 30, 2008 - 0 comments

I've been worried about my physical health more lately than my mental health, on the other hand I fear the physical pain being "all in my head" as previous doctors have appeared to suggest in the past.  But that doesn't make sense either, unless I'm really and truly insane, and somehow I doubt that.  I've been so tired lately, I mean I'm always tired, but this sense of malaise stretches far beyond the normal day to day fatigue.  And what the **** is wrong with my joints??? Particularly my knees, what started out as perhaps a strain or hyperextension of my left knee quickly became two knees of increasing pain and the inability to even stand for more than a second.  Thankfully the past two days that nightmare has worn down a bit, I can bend them better, it's still uncomfortable to completely straighten them or stand, but it's *bearable* which beats the hell out of absolute pain.  But just as soon as the knee pains starting dying down a new pain crept up and suddenly pounced and now I'm dealing with my side/flank burning and hurting, especially when I pee, breathe or move.  I worry about another bout with kidney stones.  I have not had any nausea (yet) like previously though, and that usually accompanies not only stones but an infection as well.  I wonder about it being my ovary since it is about THAT time, but the pain seems to originate from my back rather than directly in the ovarian area on that side.  I'm clueless, and fed up with strange symptoms that come up and go away here and there.  I really do feel crazy.

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