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Jun 30, 2008 - 0 comments

Well ever since I got pregnant I feel that my boyfriend has no use of hanging out with me anymore. When we did before it was out to clubs and to party or just hang out with friends smoke a few joints you know and we would ocassional go to a movie just him and I. Now its like ok I am going out see ya later and he has this one friend he goes and hangs out with. It always seems like this one always wants to cause problems about my pregnancy. Its upsetting because I even feel like when his friend says stuff my boyfriend doesnt even stick up for me. Like there was other problems before with Joe (my bf friend) talking **** then of course going ahead and telling his ex girlfriend about me being pregnant and then she tells her best friend and they all say **** to me like they know me when they dont at all. The one girl even told my boyfriend to break up with me, and what I dont understand she just recenlty had a kid herself. But anyways I just with he was here with me. Tell me you know I am going down to the park to chill or going down to the lake do you want to come, no he just goes ahead and leaves me........

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