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29 weeks 2 days

Jan 14, 2010 - 0 comments

Britton's been growing  alot the past week. i feel like a blimp. but when i compare my 27 and 29 week pictures they look the same size. lol. and i know ive grown because ive been having a lot of ligament pain, and pelvic pain because she's low.
i havent heard from my doctrs office so im assuming all the tests i took came back fine.(glucose one) but i also dont know how long it takes to get results for the test, i should probably look that up lol.
Britton has been kicking me in the ribs and ive had sharp pelvic pains lately, which im assuming is normal? my hips are starting to hurt too, which im worried about because i have to go back to work this weekend. but atleast i have off til saturday. im a bit worried to go back to work, i know it's going to be rough after having over a week off and because of britton's movement and position.
not sure when im going to start maternity leave yet, havent even really talked to work about it. i think maybe at 38 weeis as long as i dont become uncomfortably huge by then lol. and i want to take atleast 2 months off since i will be breast feeding(hopefully).
i bought a couple of new shirts yesterday that i can grow into, and some nursing pads since my colostrum is coming in. i dont really like them so far, they arent noticeable or anything just dont stick well in my bra. bought one of those flower petal bras from hanes (they are supose to cover the nipple better) about a week ago. and after i washed it the 2nd time i can see the stupid flower petal on one side, which the stupid bra guarentees that you won't be able to. its a crappy bra anyways. i didnt see any i liked at the maternity store so i guess ill stick with this one and my old one for now.
ive only been leaking from one nipple really, the other only leaks like twice a day so im only using a nursing pad on the heavy side lol. no point in wasting them since it was 5 bucks for a 30 pack. im tempted to wash all the baby clothes i got at the shower, but feel like i should wait a bit? i have a hypoallergenic (no dyes or scents) detergent from when DH's sister was here with her 2 year old.. uhh i dont know, i hate laundry as is. and i need to clean out my washer before i wash the babies clothes.
well i guess thats it.. i have to do some laundry in a bit from our vacation, and go in to work and pick up my check. woo..

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