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Forgot mine own birthday!

Jan 15, 2010 - 0 comments










Hey everybody, I know I haven't been on in a while, but things have been hectice for me lately. More so now than it has been it a year. Well, to start off the New Year right, I decided to go to a GNC and get some more serotonin pills.. Turns out, even though I live in the pill-popper state, they don't have it anymore! I asked the guy why they didn't and he said its because of 'kids like you abusing them and getting high for the hell of it.' In all honesty, I do not think I got that high when I was on them, if of anything I just seemed to be in a daze half of the time and nobody noticed either. What a shocker. Anyways, its my birthday today and I forgot about it. I'm not excited for it, maybe I will be when I take some serotonin once I find them at the other GNC in town. I just don't think my birth is something to celebrate. Never have. Whatever, I'll probably celebrate it after I take some serotonin again or some of those SAM-E pills. Or both. A little combo pilling just to get myself out of this rut. Anyways, sorry if I haven't been on much and I made you all worry about me. If you did at least, if you didn't then great! If you did, I'm sorry if you did. Oh, and I'll be sure to post up something just to let you all know that I'm still alive and dead inside. Okay then, I have to go now, apparently I have to do some more heavy lifting even though I have ZERO upper arm strength..

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