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Early onset dementia - hsv or vzv type connection (rosacea) (or maybe HHV6)

May 13, 2015 - 0 comments

I'm experiencing onset dementia (Alzheimer's) post viral.  I can only assume rosacea was my first outward signs of early onset.  I've had two dermatologists and a PCP tell me I'm not contagious.  That is a suspected lie!  I know at least 2 people who have gotten sick shortly after exposure to me!  Since I've had reexposure to herpetic illness in 2013 (statistics say 80-90% of the population has herpetic illness), my mental capacity is quickly declining and doctors refuse to give me an antiviral on going.  I've had valacyclovir that has helped on a day of highly inflamed rosacea. It helped! It was almost too strong.  I personally believe low dose antivirals (say 100mg?) Could help those of us in need. I cannot find any local clinical studies of antivirals for Alzheimer's/dementia....besides, how does one get in a clinical study if they don't have an official diagnosis??

(Looking back at blood work I had tested positive VZV igg in 2013. )

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