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Day 10 comes to a close.

Dec 10, 2007 - 1 comments

Day 10. I have begun to feel again. Real emotions, stirring from within me. Emotions that have been buried for so long.. I am alive. My son's girlfriend says that she has never seen me so happy. I told her to keep encouraging me.
      I am doing better. I am encouraged seeing some progress. each day has it's moments, good & bad. Yet each day is a little bit easier than the day before.
     Yesterday I worshiped the Lord at church service. His presence was so strong and wonderful. I could feel him.(Yes I was feeling things again.) The enemy of my soul had been robbing me of my place in God! I am more determined than ever to be completely free.
It is quite amazing, this thing we know as life. I look forward to more of this. dave

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by enemy48, Jan 06, 2008
I'm interested in getting God into my life, but don't know how.  Can you give me advice?  People I know thrive on God & has made them happier than ever.  The fact is that no one has been able to convince me that He really works for you.  If you have words of encouragement please teach & explain how I too can become close to God.

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