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Keeping busy!

May 15, 2015 - 3 comments

I have been sticking my head in the forums periodically but I am still pretty busy with college. I just finished my first full year ( 3 semesters )  though I feel like I will be in school forever  I did just lose my 4.0 gpa I admit I was proud of ( it was almost double my original gpa when I did college the first time...he he he ). How you guys will allow me to answer your questions when I keep blowing APA 6 format is beyond me ;) At least I still have my A though!!  Online college is what I call "teach your own damn self" learning but it works for my busy schedule since I still have to work full-time and support my family. Always fun to spend your days off in front of a computer doing homework right?

As always, be sure to read the updated herpes handbook at . It really is helpful if you have been newly diagnosed with genital herpes. If you are having a hard time dealing with your herpes diagnosis, "the good news about the bad news" is a terrific book I highly recommend purchasing. It really goes more into the psychological side of having genital herpes than Terri's free handbook does.

For general std info, visit . Terrific info there on condom and birth control use as well as general std info. They also are now offering an "ask the expert forum"  and I think you will recognize all the faces there if you are a medhelp std forum regular.



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by JessyJames2010, May 16, 2015
Great job grace.  We are rooting for you!

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by livn_learnn, May 16, 2015
Hi, thanks for sharing.  Do any of these books/resources address the 'dementia - oral herpes' connection?  Lysine doesn't seem to strong enough to tackle this issue!

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by gracefromHHP, May 19, 2015
lysine is ineffective for herpes in general. no real reason to take it. It's a persistent myth unfortunately.

by the time we reach our 70's, most of us has hsv1. Really hard to blame it for anything since it's so common and is going to be found in almost everyone in the age range that dementia is an issue in. Don't worry needless about anything herpes!!!

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