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Toby Tyler Ran Away With The Circus

May 17, 2015 - 0 comments

ran away





I ran away from home the other day.  I wanted to see if I could still run or sprint like I used to do before I
fell in January, so I put on a pair of bedroom slippers and went for a 3 mile jaunt.  I was exhaused before I got
to the first cross street and had to sit along the side of the road in my purple walker until I could get up and push on.

I never ran that day, I just stopped in at the little quick trip for a sandwich and stuffed it in my pocket.  The whole trip took me 3 hours, I shared it with my kittens and all 3 of us then took a nice hour nap.

Of course when I woke up I couldn't walk.  Every bone in my foot hurt so bad I couldn"t even rub them.

I am cryin' today.  boo hoo, I went for a 3 hour walk on concrete wearing a slipper.  Who does stuff like this anyway.

Ha ha....PS....I found the Dairy Queen Restaurant a mere 5 blocks over, just to keep in the front of my brain next time....

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