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70 days!!

May 18, 2015 - 0 comments

Wow today is 70 days opiate free for me. I don't post much anymore (but I do check in several times a day) but for me 70 days is a big deal. Mostly I feel amazing and have resumed my ridiculously busy life. I do suffer a little from lack of energy and MILD depression but I know this is normal and will get better and better with time. You can't fix 15 years or more of damage to your mind and body in such a short time.

You know what I love? I can have a busy busy day and be at my grandkids' sports in the late afternoon and I don't have to worry if I have enough pills with me. I never have to leave anywhere and bail out on the people I love because I don't have enough meds with me. The freedom from those d*** pills is AMAZING!

Now my next task is to quit smoking. I can't believe I am finding it harder to quit cigarettes than I did vicodin! I have been trying everything and nothing is working. I have to figure this out because it is driving me crazy. I really want to quit but can't seem to win this battle. But I will keep trying and I WILL beat this one too.

For today I will celebrate 70 days!


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