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OB appointment today. LIttle man is doing Great!!

Jan 18, 2010 - 2 comments

29 weeks. Went to see OB this morning and everything looks great! Little man is growing and growing and heart rate is a steady 157. I'm still measuring a little big, but that's okay. Blood pressure was slightly on the low side, 88/56, but not much lower than my normal of 90/60. Had 1 hour glucose today, but don't know results yet. No protein or sugar in urine, so another plus. I've gained 10 pounds so far, so that's seems to be good too and it's ALL baby. :) I start seeing OB every two weeks now, so back on February 4th for regular appointment and have another ultrasound to check cyst on my ovary on March 1st. OB gave me Prevacid for the acid reflux, so I am hoping that will make me a little more comfortable so I won't be vomiting so much. Not much else to report right now. Little man is moving like crazy, though is still transverse, which makes it feel like my belly is being stretched sideways when he kicks and stretches his legs.

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377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, Jan 19, 2010
So glad to here all is well!!  And only 10 lbs....I am sooo  Now you just need him to cooperate with you and turn the right way for you!!  Lots of time for that though.  Congrats on a good OB's always such a relief isn't it!!

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by Victoria01, Jan 20, 2010
Amanda - I think I would have gained more if I hadn't spent the first four months throwing up all day long :) I love having a good OB appointment, always puts my mind at ease, and now I go every 2 weeks I don't have to wait a whole month for reassurance. :)

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