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Pounding headache

Jan 18, 2010 - 2 comments

Everything seemed to go ok today. was able to work. no meltdowns. my head is EXTEMELY heavy and hurts like a mutha. other than that Im ok.

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by sweatinit, Jan 18, 2010
Hey Better, I had headaches pretty bad. thought it was w/d (days 8-13) but turned out to be a wicked sinus infection. Keep an eye on it. Hope you feel better!

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by PANHEADVIC, Jan 24, 2010
Hey All, I found your sight..Cool..I am female, 55 years with a chronic incurable disease, R. S,.D., {COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME}. 7 YEARS NOW, WAIST DOWN TO FEET.. I had to have a pain pump put in, surgically in which goes through spinal cord's only been 4 months and it went out..Just quit..They don't know why, Now I have to go through the whole surgery again, A slice in right hip and another for the spinal cord..My Pain pump had Morphine and Bupificaine..Ran 24\7 drip..Since it has stopped they put me on Percocets for withdrawl..Well not going very well. IN FACT I AM GOING CRAZY..PERCOCETS  INSTEAD OF MORPHINE...I have new surgery comin on Feb 1st..Scared for they almost lost me last time, could not keep my VITALS UP..Suposed to be, IN AND OUT SURGERY, ENDED UP 3 DAYS IN HOSPITAL..They had to watch my heart, Now here I go again..I CAN'T TAKE THIS WITHDRAWL, SWEATING, NO SLEEP, CAN'T EAT. AM TOTAL *****...BUT, HE UNDERSTANDS WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH..BUT, recovery is bad from this..last time it took 2 weeks just for ME to get to bathroom by myself...I just ate another percocet, that makes 3 this morning..I am calling and giving a  {BIG ***** }, tomorrow..not one person at the pain clinic has R.S.D., and they have no idea...This PAIN PUMP was suposed to last 7 years..I made it 4 months..And i am not going to let this slip by, I want to know why??? Medtronic, here I come..OH, I CAN'T STAND DETOXING...I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF...NOW, I AM TAKING XTRA OF MY {ZANAX}, FOR ANXIETY, {DISEASE}.....So I will run out of them toooo...crazy in Minnesota..I should have stayed in the Florida Keys..19 years there, till I got tooo sick..Mn, *****....PANHEADVIC, 1960   HELP.....

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