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I tried...but my fiance scared me!!!

Jan 18, 2010 - 0 comments

I tried to stay off of this forum and relax....i enjoyed a weekend with my and having a good time....then this morning like 2 of my fingers went numb as i was waking up this morning and i freaked out....then my fiance started to not feel well....he has the sniffles..he is sneezing alot...runny nose etc...i was worried but i tried to relax then a few minutes ago he told me that his torso was aching...and now here i am completely scared to death that I have HIV and i gave it to him!!!!! I can't get over this even with seeing a therapist.....I am so convinced that some how the results were wrong or i got someone else's results...that maybe i didnt read my identification number to get my results right or neither did the doctor for that matter!!!!! March will be judgement day for me but it is sooooo far away!!!! i am going to take a damn HIV test and see what it says!!!! I am sooooo scared!!!! I pray to GOD that the results are conclusively NEGATIVE because maybe then i can move on from this!!!! i have so many things to be happy about and I cant be because i am so worried that I contracted HIV or that the tests that I have taken before never picked up on whatever is needed to detect HIV!!! I NEED SO MUCH HELP!!!!

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