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Feeling the baby move

Jan 19, 2010 - 32 comments





baby move



OMG!!! I totally just felt the baby move. I have had sensations before, but i know that is what i felt for sure!! It was constant for a few second like the baby was trying to accomodate itself. Wow. What a great moment....

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991222 tn?1333990733
by Steph_b, Jan 19, 2010
OMG So Exciting!!!

216278 tn?1308861082
by wanting4#1, Jan 19, 2010
Oh, isn't it the best? I can still remember when I felt the baby kick me (I had thought that I had felt it before, but this time was FOR SURE!!)...I called my parents right away because my DH was in a meeting. I cried so hard; I was so happy!

Enjoy it all - it truly goes way too fast!

1055824 tn?1387073424
by Jenny101407, Jan 19, 2010
YAY!!!!! Toooo exciting! What does it feel like?

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 19, 2010
Yeah it is, i have had sensations but i know for sure what i felt know.

Jenny if feels like a wave moving..

145992 tn?1341345074
by mami1323, Jan 19, 2010
Aaawww, yep that's the feeling.

919101 tn?1368109937
by anxiouslywaiting910, Jan 19, 2010
Awe..why do I want to cry reading this..So happy for you Rossie!!!

Avatar universal
by babyhope8, Jan 19, 2010
That's awesome....I am so happy for's the best thing to feel ur baby move.

693804 tn?1304720474
by smr08, Jan 19, 2010
Awww Rossie, it's just amazing isn't it??? I'm so excited for you. ((HUGS))

1149221 tn?1304827966
by szw2008, Jan 19, 2010
OH CONGRATS! I can't wait to feel that again! Wait until you are walking through the grocery store and you look down and see a foot shaped bump sticking out! oh.... and the bladder kicks that literally make you pee your pants. Haha that's the best!

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 19, 2010
Thanks girls. Its comforting. After a loss it helps. The doppler has kept me sane.

Thanks Tausha - keep me posted on your appt.... We're here waiting for you...

Sam i can't wait to see that. You know its been so long. My daughte will be 12 in june so im so out of practice....

505857 tn?1329681517
by gillianl, Jan 19, 2010
I'm so happy for you it must feel really good knowing the baby is okay when you feel the movements.  I'm 4DPO and getting a few cramps, feeling gassy (TMI sorry) and bloated this isn't unusual for me but the cramps are a bit more painful and i know i've ovulated as i get my last negative OPK on sunday.

I hope the rest of your pregnancy runs smoothly for you!!!

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 19, 2010
Thanks Gillian, sending you tons and tons of sticky baby dust!!

715068 tn?1392933532
by queenspade, Jan 19, 2010
Rossie,  How exciting!  That is always the coolest part, feeling & then seeing the baby move!  I cannot wait to get there!!!  

589816 tn?1332976771
by steph9803, Jan 19, 2010

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 19, 2010
Thanks Jenn, thanks Steph, still not something that happens often but atleast this morning im sure of what i felt, cant wait to actually see it like you said Jenn,.

589816 tn?1332976771
by steph9803, Jan 19, 2010
Me and Eric always joked about it looking like an alien trying to get out of my stomach before LOL I love being able to see them..I can't wait for my kids to be able to see too!

640548 tn?1340553355
by mikaleen, Jan 19, 2010
Awesome!!  One of the few things I miss.

760797 tn?1303264540
by natalie910, Jan 19, 2010
Rosie, that is one of my favorite parts of being pg! I really felt a few little movements low the last few days and I'm sure it was the baby but they're not consistent enough. I can't wait until they're strong and unmistakable!!

377493 tn?1356502149
by adgal, Jan 19, 2010
Reading this gave me the is the best feeling in the world!!!  Congratulations and I wish you and your little one health and happiness.  Another loved and wanted baby is coming into the world...what a wonderful thing!!!  

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 19, 2010
Thanks Aileen, Natalie, and Adgal..... Yes a very wanted and much loved baby!!

996699 tn?1447229881
by raquelplus2, Jan 19, 2010

1055824 tn?1387073424
by Jenny101407, Jan 19, 2010
Awwwww a wave huh? That's sooo cool!

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 19, 2010
Steph thats too funny, and alien. But it does look like that sometimes, lol...

1085628 tn?1326551885
by GinaGi, Jan 20, 2010
omg ! That is so amazing.. Congrats !

1024452 tn?1323708817
by 1angelbabyM, Jan 20, 2010
How exciting!!  Congrats!  Can't wait to experience that myself!

Avatar universal
by HaYnSweetie, Jan 20, 2010
that is so exciting! im so happy for you! i cannot wait to feel that someday :)

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 20, 2010
Thanks Gina, thanks angelbaby.

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 20, 2010
It was, very cool moment. Thanks Elle.

611149 tn?1540336138
by Preciouspg, Jan 20, 2010
I'm Very Excited for You!!!  Enjoy Every Blessed Moment:)  God bless!!!

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 21, 2010
Thanks Denise!!! :)

395769 tn?1318449682
by SliverCheer, Jan 27, 2010
Aww congrats its so amazing isn't it!

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Jan 27, 2010
It is, it really is, im noticing it more and more now

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