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lips n arms : (

Jul 01, 2008 - 0 comments

lip peeling



it seems since middle school ive had some rash that develops on my arms. it was in my inner elbows for yrs before it spread spottingly to other parts of my arms. it would become inflamed, red, itchy, sometimes peeling. when i went to college my sister gave me triamcinolone acetonide cream she used on her heat rash. it actually works great, ...just wish it would go away forever and wish i knew exactly what it is on my arms.

i'd be happy if that were the worst of my problems but unfortunately it doesn't stop there. surely i must have sensitive skin. if i wear wrong make up or use certain lotions or creams my eyes will swell up. the other day it looked as tho i got in a fight with someone and lost.

not just that but i have the problem of my lips and this bothers me the most. this started happening mostly for over 6 months. i had an occurance of it back in middle school but never seemed to have nearly the problem i have now. nobody wants to kiss gross lips. sometimes my lips look normal but my skin under the bottom lip is like a snake. it peels. constantly! i've tried switching chapstics, using lotions, all i can think of but it still happens. my lips themselves are fine, its under the bottom lip that peels. it doesn't itch, just peels and if the skin under it wasn't developed yet then it seeps clear stuff and burns. i tried not touching it at all hoping it wouldn't peel, and this was at work, but i suppose from all the smiling it still dried out and started the peeling process without me knowing. it looked disgusting and i was suprised i didn't scare away customers. it's very annoying damnet.... i'm an outgoing young girl and i don't wanna be held back or self concious of my skin. if anyone knows what is wrong with my lip please help. i live paycheck to paycheck, school work n so on so i don't have the dough to go to a dermatologist tho i'd really like to. i can deal with everything else but my ruins me. :(


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