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Dec 11, 2007 - 2 comments

Oh where to start. I feel like sh*t sooo bad.  I'm dehydrated AGAIN and the pain...OMG.   I have done too much crying the past few days.  I told my GI off and going back the one i had before.  i know this isn't just my scleroderma, it can't be.  i know i have a dialted duct in my pancreas, have lost 29 lbs. in last 5 weeks, startin not to pee now, my muscles hurt so damn bad, my stomach hurts soooooo bad. i can't even drink my sprite i've been living on. i'm a mess and now i'm crying again while i'm typing this and i keep messin up typing!! i'm really not feeling sorry for myself i'm just really tired of feeling like this. these are the times i want to curl up and die. it seems like there is no end to this at all. i just need to suck it up and deal with it...i have to. and now i'm feeling guilty becuase i need to write to all my friends because i truly do care about everyone. please bear with my my friends,  And Sunny i really need ya.

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by Sunny602, Dec 11, 2007
(((((PInk)))), oh you poor thing!! I didnt realized that so much has been going on with you. I did write to your addy in were having such a good day that day. It just sucks to see you go through this sh*t again....You must want to scream to the heavens Why? I know I do when I see suffering. It is senseless and cruel isn't it, pain that is. God, if you want, please call me...if I had my phone card, I would be giving you a buzz to talk with you. I feel so helpless across the country....Sending you hugs my friend....I wish to hell I could do more for you. But know this, my shoulder is always here whenever you want to lean on it. Sunny

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by kaylanfallaw, Dec 19, 2007
im sorry i hope you are feeling better

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