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Carotidynia - 7-1-08

Jul 02, 2008 - 3 comments

So, I went to the ENT today (a different one) and he looked at all my stuff (the US, the CT and the blood work) and told me I have two separate issues.  THANK GOD!!!  Anyway, after I tried not to cry as I told him my story and failed miserably, all the while handing me tissues, he checked me out and all the tightness and swelling and ear and all.... He told me it is a REAL PROBLEM and apologized for me having to go through hell and then told me I most likely have CAROTIDYNIA (I think I spelled that right, its inflamation of the carotid artery) and a separate thyroid malfunction.  When feeling my neck, the only tender spot pulsates - I noticed this too, and questioned this before, but oh well.  I was right, he does do his own thyroid surgeries and actually asked me before I told him of the HIPAA violating endo, "so, how did you like Dr...."  I told him about the stuff and he gasped!

So, now I have a steroid pack, Naproxan (antianflamatory) and Xanax .25 to treat the inflammation.  Also have to use a heating pad at night and will go back in on July 15.

He also told me that he thinks my thyroid is on its way out - that is how he put it.  About the other ENT, he told me that as far as he heard if the other doc cannot operate on you, he just pushes you off.  Says he is great with kids but an idiot with adults!

So, now, I am off to take the xanax and taking my heating pad to bed.  Like I told my mom, at this point if they handed me a horsepill filled with poop, I would take it if it would cure me.

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by 898, Jul 02, 2008
I may speculate at this point that you may have had silent or post-partum thyroiditis in the past, that why the ultrasound of your thyroid shows non-umiform echo pattern; however it doesn’t necessary means it is on its way out, especially if NO thyroid antibodies are present.
You can however minimize the use of fluoridated toothpaste and avoid exposure to the new carpet fumes as they believed to affect thyroid function.
Honestly I never heard before about the artery inflammation!

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by treimbol, Jul 02, 2008
I am so glad you finally got some diagnosis that you can start treatment for---your other Doc was a goober!!  Please keep us updated on how you are feeling with your new treatment plan!!

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by Jules77733, Jul 02, 2008
Hooray!!! :)

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