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Another request for antiviral denied

May 29, 2015 - 0 comments








This week I have a twitch of my right eyebrow and soreness on the back left tongue and increased memory problems.  Difficult to see sores beyond the skin tag bumps in my mouth.  I asked the doctor for antiviral (valtrex), she said no, no signs.  I asked for testing of VZV, EBV, and /or HHV6 and she declined my request.  She went so far as to say the are some things we can't change in life!  I can't believe they don't even recognize CFS as really existing.

Ha, the medical community plays God all the time... from the in vitro (yes, putting unborn babies in endangerment of death), open heart surgery, cancer treatments (also triggered by virus).

Gosh, do I have to take the Izhaki and Wozniak Alzheimer's research findings into the doctor office???

Article that antivirals may help

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