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Jul 02, 2008 - 1 comments

My milk has dried up. It has been completely gone I believe. I planned on breastfeeding alone, but it dried up. Is there anything I can do to get it back?

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by tiredbuthappy, Jul 02, 2008
i posted on the breastfeeding forum, but i'll paste it here too.

call a lactation consultant TODAY! they can help you with this. there are things you can do to get it back- they can help you. in the mean time, you have to keep telling your body to make milk- which means you need to pump even if nothing is coming out. if your baby is willing to suckle, even if he isn't latching or getting milk, let him. this will help get your production going. if he is unwilling to even suckle, spend time with him making skin-to-skin contact. have him nap on your bare chest.
there are supplements you can take as well. i have never tried them so i wouldn't go as far as recommending them, but you may want to research them or ask a lactation consultant about it. the LC can also help you consider a supplemental nursing system- a small tube you attach to your nipple to encourage the baby to nurse. the sucking would stimulate your supply, while the SNS would keep the formula/milk coming and prevent him from getting frustrated.

try pumping between 1 AM and 5 AM. your prolactin levels are highest then, and if you're going to get anything, you'd get the most then.

during the day, try power pumping. i think it's something like pump 10 minutes, rest 10 minutes, pump 10 min... etc... and continue for an hour. try this once or twice a day. it's supposed to mimic a baby's growth spurt and has helped many women i have met online.

when not power pumping, you MUST either nurse or pump every 2-3 hrs (preferrably 2). if nothing's coming, pump 10-15 minutes.

most importantly- remember that it takes days or even weeks to build up a supply. so the things you try today may not have an obvious effect right away. if you really want to do this you have to keep working at it.

also, what pump are you using?

additional notes i forgot to add on the other post-

try a non-alcoholic beer. it can do wonders. (i personally had to occasional regular beer, with the permission of my LC's and dr's, but people on this forum get very upset when i say that. i always noticed more milk after a beer. i would drink it right after pumping so that there was no alcohol in my system by the next time i pumped. Disclaimer- i am not advocating having a regular beer! Just sharing my experiences)

drink plenty of water; eat a healthy meal. i always did well after a chinese meal, although that is most likely because when dd was that young i wasn't eating well and the chinese was as close to a balanced meal as i could get.

try oatmeal- not the instant stuff but the real stuff. many people say that helps boost supply.

rest! have someone else watch the baby and take a 3 hour nap. my pump after a nap was always more productive than at other times.

try doing breast compressions while you pump.

was pumping comfortable? well, as comfortable as pumping can be? if not, you may be using the wrong sized horn, which can affect supply. also, a little bit of olive oil on the base of the nipple can help it glide in the tube more smoothly.

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