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Symptoms & limitations

Jan 20, 2010 - 0 comments



tracking symptoms





I've finally remembered where I tracked my symptoms & wrote about all that's going on in my life re:  MS.  

Whew!  I spent a full day looking when my brain/fingers would work together on the computer-machine. :)  I thought I'd bookmarked, but ohhhh no...that impulse must have dropped out of my head as soon as I started looking for the bookmarks window and figured out where to put the address...poof!  gone!   :)  

This has been a pretty rough couple of weeks.

I'm glad this forum is available.  There is solace knowing you are all out there.  I'm pretty bummed today, realizing I have undoubtedly entered the "unemployable" phase of this disease.  It's all just starting to hit home pretty hard today.  Attending a MS workshop last night, the presenter insisted everybody sing a song at the end of his presentation - it drove home the point that I can't use my voice to sing anymore. I've loved to facilitate & create that pleasure for children as a vocation.  Now, I'm the one that can't do either.   serious downer :(

While looking for something I could easily use for symptom tracking last week, I found an awesome and cheap product available that allows for customization of symptoms, includes severity, will track by times of day if desired, keeps track of meds & appointments, will generate reports of all of these, and more.  I wanted to buy the program ($20) but I run a Mac and it's only available for Windows operating systems.  Alas, a Mac is sometimes a curse!

There's a short video that describes its features and functions at   I urge you to check it out.  It's exactly what we need when documenting anything that's going on with the disease and it's very easy to use.

oh - fyi - no one asked me to refer the software.  My experience has shown that people involved with MS have been inherently generous with ideas, tools, and help.  I'm just trying to pay it forward.

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