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Can I get HIV through oral sex?

Jan 20, 2010 - 73 comments

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Can I get HIV through oral sex? is probably one of the most frequent questions we get asked at Freedomhealth either in person or via our Sexual Health Forum. The answer is yes, possibly, but it is exceptionally unlikely.

There has been a great deal of interest and many research papers written about the HIV risks associated with oral sex and similarly many studies to try to determine why the risk of oral sex with an HIV positive person might be less than that associated with unprotected penetrative vaginal or anal sex.

Romero and others, in their article describing an excellent and diligent long term study failed to identify any risk at all in transfer of HIV from an HIV positive to an HIV negative partner through oral sex. In total 19000 episodes of oral sex were documented amongst 135 heterosexual couples over ten years and in 34% of these episodes the HIV positive male ejaculated into the HIV negative females' mouth. (Romero J et al. Evaluating the risk of HIV transmission through unprotected orogential sex. AIDS 16:9:1269-97, 2002.)

Baggaley and others, in their article Systematic review of orogenital HIV-1 transmission probabilities. International Journal of Epidemiology 37 : 1255-65, 2008 have reviewed the major articles to date and conclude that the risks of HIV transmission via oral sex are low.

To reach their conclusions they conducted a systematic review of the available literature. Ten studies from North America and Europe were identified as meeting the required criteria.

The authors noted some difficulties with the methodology of the studies. These were mainly the common ones of:-

- People rarely confining their sexual activity to oral sex alone

- where people have had other sorts of sex including unprotected anal or vaginal penetration it is assumed that the higher risk activity will have given them HIV

- exact details of the sexual activity have been missed out - ie whether or not ejaculation into the mouth etc

- Studies where one partner is known to be HIV positive and the other HIV negative are likely to be slightly skewed because the HIV positive person is likely to be on anti-retroviral medications and consequently probably less infectious anyway.

The overall conclusion was that:-

- Chances of acquiring HIV through oral sex with an HIV infected partner are very low. The majority of the studies reporting zero to miniscule risk.

- Very large, very expensive, well controlled studies would be needed to define the question exactly.

The results of a study due to appear shortly in AIDS seem to show that HIV negative gay males in sero-discordant ( a relationship where one of the partners is HIV positive and the other HIV negative) relationships have saliva which has an HIV neutralising capacity. Consequently one of the conclusions drawn is that repeated exposure to low levels of HIV may produce a level of resistance to HIV in this population.

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by Cheesecake101, Jan 21, 2010
Is there any possible risk of hiv from precum in oral sex? or is this still undetermined?

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by confused200912, Jan 22, 2010
Is the risk both ways? I mean is there a risk even if you are the receiver of the oral sex? or just the giver?

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by Ana115, Jan 31, 2010
CDC mentioned that precum and semen do carry HIV.  How high or low are those odds? Most people do blow and give during sex, sometimes we are expose to a precum and semen.

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by Robin_Roubion, Feb 09, 2010
Same question as confused, is the receiver at a low risk too, because some have said that the saliva in HIV + people is at to low of a level to infect people, but others have said if any gets in to the urethra that HIV can happen, but does that pertain to if blood is in the saliva or just in general?

1395959 tn?1280787116
by nomorepartylife, Jul 31, 2010
The same question about receiving oral sex but what about if the person has an injury on their penis. I got drunk and had my penis caught in my zipper enough to damage the skin on the top of the rim of the head. An hour or two later, I received unprotected oral sex while still drunk. I am terrified about the possibility of contracting something through that damaged skin.

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by marieann288, Aug 07, 2010

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by helpmeplease000001, Feb 03, 2011
Kk can someone please verify a dispute. My buddy was saying, open cut is needed, penetration, oral etc. Seems foggy. Too manby grey areas. What if a HIV girl put a penis in her mouth of a non infected guy? Or a guy with HIV gives oral to a non UNinfected girl? What about 1sec of oral? Is it transferable through saliva of a carrier to non infected genitals? Also, what about makingout?kissing? Saliva again? Confusing!  

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by Superbuggg, Feb 09, 2011
It's actually extremely difficult to catch HIV though regular heterosexual sex, and the chance of catching HIV through oral sex is close to zero!

Precum and saliva are just not in the equation! You need a cut, a blood exchange or other STD to transfer HIV, and even then it's not exactly likely.

My buddy didn't tell his last three girlfriends of the past 18 years that he is HIV positive - none of his ex's caught it from him - even when they'd caught other non-specific STD directly from him! He's also been HIV symptom-free for these 18 years without medication too and the only thing that indicates his HIV status is repeat testing!

I've read that when transfer does occur, women are four times more likely to catch HIV from men simply because of the mechanics of copulation.

Also, no test will show that you have a 'virus' - they actually test for 'antibodies' - antibodies that don't show-up for six months! So, if you got your beer-goggles on last night and had sex with blankety blank... you've still got six months to worry yourself sick before an ELISA antibody test can even produce a valid result! You'll give yourself some other disease stressing out so, please... check the literature on how difficult is to really catch HIV!

Of course, there's the debate as to whether HIV is a 'virus' at all

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by SirKumalot, Feb 09, 2011
Having read this article and comments I feel more knowledgeable and more confused too. I had simply believed that body fluids could carry the HIV to a sex partner or victim - cops have complained that when they beat the brains out of arrested people or inmates the are at risk for getting HIV by being bled on, spit on or bitten. Comedian Richard Pryor said you could get it from just giving a friendly kiss on the mouth to a hooker. When I was in Thailand it was common knowledge that the bar girls were continually being infected and re-infected by performing oral sex without a condom to foreign tourists. Now, I think the recent information indicates that generally the saliva - rather than being a risk factor - is a defense against the virus. If this is so, like the questioner above, I wonder if simple tongue-kissing is a safe, innocent practice. Also, if the HIV antibodies don't show up for 6 months then if you have un-protected sex yesterday, you are - potentially - a carrier to anyone else you share life's pleasures with while you are incubating the condition. Right?

1539037 tn?1294318628
by balu992, Feb 09, 2011
no way to catch this way. if any doubts. just get rapid test at three month mark.  

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by Vance2335, Feb 09, 2011
This is not an area to ask questions. Post in the HIV forum if you have questions, or pay to post in the Expert forum.

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by dsmithhag, Feb 09, 2011
Hi there, I know there is a lot of conflicting information about HIV out there but I thought I should comment on Superbuggg's post on HIV detection.

As far as I have been made aware by health care professionals who are specifically in the field of Sexual health and HIV, antibody tests are extremely sensitive these days and detection rate at 6 weeks is statistically reported to catch about 99% of HIV infections, and a 3 month test is considered to be a clear indicator of infection or not.

As for detection of the actual virus rather than the antibodies, as part of the testing procedure I had recently for HIV, I was informed that the screening for HIV involves a test for the antibodies and the antigen itself aka the virus.

There also seems to be a lot of conjecture about the likelihood of female to male infection vs male to female infection, however, it does seem likely that female infection is more likely.

Regardless of cases of people reporting unprotected sex with HIV positive partners and not getting infected, you are crazy to not practice safe sex for any type of vaginal or anal penetrative sex without knowing the HIV status of your partner.

707563 tn?1626361905
by Emily_MHManager, Feb 09, 2011
As Vance stated, this is not a place for questions or concerns.  You are free to comment on this, but if you'd like a direct answer from the doctor, you will need to post in his forum.

Also, we urge everyone to use condoms each time they have sex with a non-monogamous partner, and test regularly if you are at risk for HIV or any STDs.  We can not condone what Superbugggg is describing, so please use condoms for vaginal and anal sex.  You can get other STDs from oral sex, so condoms aren't a bad idea for that, either.

Be safe and happy!


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by nutrinut_bob, Feb 18, 2011
Although the good doctor may be right about HIV, there are other pathogens that can be contracted through oral sex, pathogens that people need to take into consideration, so I am putting this link here for their consideration.  Ironic, one might call it a superbug of sorts:


1631970 tn?1299949931
by Sash83, Mar 11, 2011

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by questionwhaturtold, Mar 16, 2011
Well it seems like everyone is villianizing Superbug for his comments and because he actually has the sense to question what we have been told the last 25 years about heterosexuals getting HIV. And Emily, we are not talking about "other STD's", we are talking specifically about HIV. I have yet to know any heterosexual that has acquired HIV in my 30+ years and I have known many heterosexual heavily promiscuous people. I'm not saying do not use a condom, I'm saying perhaps the chances of a heterosexual catching HIV has been largely exaggerated.
Anal sex and the ripping and tearing and high likelyhood of exchange of blood because of the tearing creates the biggest increaed risk of acquiring the disease. This is why HIV is so prevelant in gay communities. A womens vagina is usually higly lubricated (unlike with anal) during sex and the womens private parts are built to deliver a baby, thus it is very sturdy and unlikely to tear & bleed during sex. There was a great article in Details magazine March 2004 that made some interesting claims regarding the truth about HIV & AIDS and how heterosexuals have been made to be paranoid because of misinformation.

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by Justin69er, Mar 16, 2011
only if your partner blows a load in your mouth and you have an open wound, cut, abration, in your mouth or lip

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by gerald393, Mar 18, 2011
i had sex with the girl,before we so sex she linger my penis after that i put a condom on my penis.one day later its painful to urinate after how many days i open the mouth of my penis and i fund out theres a rounded white spot inside the urine pipe until 1 month later it becomes bigger.can you help me about this disease?

Avatar universal
by needtoknow722, Mar 25, 2011
yes yes yes you can expecly females cause the carrier seman have the virus. and males rare for males but common for females ITS NOT FAIR. EVEN THO IM NEGATIVE IM JUST VERY CONCERNED AND IVE BEEN DOING LITTLE RESERCH.

Avatar universal
by Stykjoseph, Mar 26, 2011
It seems that there should be no difference between woman and men in regards to oral sex. Semen and vaginal fluids both carry the virus. Specially if there is another STD involved, either preexisting or co infection or both. But experts here say no risk. What is the basis for your argument.

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by Shearer77, Apr 01, 2011
"Modern third generation tests will identify well over 99% of newly infected HIV positive people at 6 weeks after exposure even though they are licensed for use after 12 weeks after a possible exposure. "

Just like to enquire on above 3rd generation test- is it the same as the oralquick test kit of below link:

If it is or similar, does a negative result at week 5 and 4 days consider sufficient? does week 5 and 4 days consider 6 weeks for hiv?

Many thanks for your time and help!

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by ewford, Apr 02, 2011
HIV is a blood borne pathogen, much like Lymes disease.  The doctors say you can't get Lymes from sex, but the ACTUAL doctors that treart Lymes and the researchers are finding the b Burgdeferi lyme bacteria in urine, tears, synovial fluid, vaginal fluid and semen. Yes you can get HIV from heterosexual sex and oral sex.

Avatar universal
by EmoDuckie, Apr 20, 2011
If its unlikely that you could get HIV through oral sex...
say that a woman gave oral sex to a man and ejaculation went into the woman's mouth and swallowed it would she become pregnant?

Avatar universal
by justplainscared, May 09, 2011
My wife and I separated recently over a VERY LACKING sexual relationship (once in the last year).  I moved out and have been living alone for the last 90-100 days. Since moving out i've taken to seeing multiple sex providers (escorts) in my area fairly frequently.  I know this is awful and bad, but I wanted quick hookups and did not want to engage in another emotionally draining relationship right away.  Anyhow, i've had mostly unprotected (cunniglingus) oral sex with these women and some fully protected intercourse with a few.  However, one particular provider that i've seen 5 times or so has allowed me to do everything unprotected with her (including intercourse) in fact she suggested it after we spent a few times together.  I know this was dumb, but I really felt like she was the cleanest woman I had ever been with and her hygeine is impeccable.  I know that means nothing when it comes to HIV, but shortly after having unprotected sex with her, I have gotten a cold.  Its not a normal cold, no fatigue, or loss of appetite, just mostly a dry sore throat, light congestion, and some dry coughing.  Nothing too serious, but it made me wonder if maybe she gave me HIV?  She appears in perfect health and displays none of these symptoms, but she still allowed me to have unprocted sex to completion (internally) after only 2 previous meetings.  She is on a birthcontrol IUD device that feels like two little wires inside of her vagina and claims that she can't get pregnant for 10 years so that is not a concern, but the IUD doesn't protect against HIV and Aids, and I have a nagging sore throat... What is the experts opinion of this situation?

Avatar universal
by thebody75, May 16, 2011
It is possible if you swallow the ***,there has been many people infected that way.However Viral load at the moment is very important factor of transmition.

1692433 tn?1306486757
by frontier2002, May 24, 2011
Better not to try having sex with HIV positive people

Avatar universal
by Jona21, May 24, 2011
what if the person giving oral sex is HIV positive, is there still a chance even with just precum?

1697701 tn?1306743818
by billybob9, May 30, 2011
What percentage, if any, are swallowing or is it strictly a no semen swallowing statistical study?

1539037 tn?1294318628
by balu992, Jun 04, 2011
close to zero. and the answer is no risk. keep ur mouth clean. thats all.

Avatar universal
by superslimgoody1, Jun 06, 2011
with 2 lesbians can u give hiv..we not not knowing each others status..

1704176 tn?1308046414
by pp459, Jun 19, 2011
To questionwhaturtold (March 16,2011)
I am a heterosexual female, and I have just being told that I am HIV+.  I had sex with a new partner who I started seeing in March 28th 2011 having tested nigative on March 9th 2011.  My last partner prior to him was in 2008...Why am I so unlucky?  the thing that I dont understand is he never once ejaculated in me...Yet from then my world has been shattered

Avatar universal
by LightningF, Jun 21, 2011
@pp459: even though he never ejaculated in you, do you use condom every time you have sex or you rarely use it? And if the answer is yes, you are sure it never break?

If you dont, then it's simply your fault.

Avatar universal
by johnd780, Jun 22, 2011
This goes to questionwhaturtold, many heterosexual men have anal sex with women, its not just for gay people And thats not the only way heterosexuals have sex that can transmit hiv.

and to Sirkumalot...You cannot get hiv from saliva, or precum, anyone else out there just know if your the receiver of oral sex you are safe and if you are giving the oral sex you are pretty much safe to because its not in precum and if the hiv + person should *** in your mouth its highly unlikley you could get anything like 1 in 10,000 and even lower like zero if the person is undetected.  These are things we all should know about. Some I knew already but some I just found out are 100% accurate.

good luck all and enjoy your sex without worries, unless its really warranted. otherwise HAVE FUN!!!

Avatar universal
by Moeddy, Jul 18, 2011
I just had an Oral Sex plus fingering a Vagina with an Asian prostitute  , all i need to know that is there any danger at all to me of getting HIV or Do i have to worry about it although my fingers were uncut and clean so does my penis , thank you .

Avatar universal
by KevinG1978, Jul 31, 2011
This comment is aimed at Superbuggg's post, which states at the end: "Of course, there's the debate as to whether HIV is a 'virus' at all."

No.  There is no debate on this matter.  None in the same way there is no debate that evolution is "just a theory."  If you happen to be in that latter camp, then most likely you will be susceptible to falling for their being some confusion, disagreement, or "debate" as to what HIV is, how AIDS arises, and accept the questioning of whether HIV is actually a virus.  Sadly, if true, then this is most certainly due to the appalling lack of scientific literacy in the world in general, but particularly for modern, industrial nations like the US.  Viruses have very specific forms, which from protein crystallography, proteomics, and viral DNA sequencing, to name a few, some that HIV is indeed an *actual* virus--which like all naturally occuring viruses replicate.  In the case of HIV, it eventually impairs healthy immune systems, leading to adquired immune deficiency syndrome.  People who claim otherwise, are not some groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting challengers to scientific close-minded dogma; rather they are scientifically uninformed individuals who have mistaken mere opinion for scientific fact, to put it kindly.  No legitimate scientist, researcher, or doctor would say otherwise.

I will end be saying, there are those that still "debate" the legitimacy as to whether the earth is truly round.  Google "flat earth society."  Only in the minds of those who believe the earth is flat, will perhaps the debate as to whether HIV is a virus find its proper audience, among those who clearly have an astute intellectual depth and understanding that several years of a post-baccalaureate degree, years of research, and thousands of literature readings fail to achieve--and routinely at that.

Avatar universal
by ChristopherJamaican008, Aug 08, 2011
Questions; Why take any risks? Why are humans so stupid? Condoms and vaginal dams are cheap. STD can be devastating. This is a no brainer. Imagine, sucking the **** of an Asian prostitute then wondering about getting a STD as one blogger here states. Here in Canada a man was sentenced to life in prison without any chance of parole for infecting seven women with HIV. Three of them died. They we all provincial Civil Servants, educated people, including the man and all the women, plus others who have not come forward. Think, for example, about Ureplasma Ureayticum (Uu), a bloody awful STD that is hard to cure, that no one even  talks about and most do not even know about. Including doctors. I love *****, but I love life and health more. So people, think. Learn ....

Avatar universal
by johnbriggs, Sep 03, 2011
i am male,had unprotected oral sex (gave and received) kissed (french kissed heavily.she had no gum disease or cuts that i was aware of and neither do i) and protected vaginal sex with lube (four times in 1 day).
my worry is afterwards i found SELENIUM in my partners possesion and a text that mentioned viral load and cd4 count on her fone while playin games with it. She claims the fone was used by her sister who is infected.. what am i to do. my worries are
1.what r the chances of bn infected?
2. the three month windw period wait is nerve wrackin. (have 8 weeks more till then).

Avatar universal
by unangbato, Sep 12, 2011
can  oral sex to a woman give you at risk of having HIV if you done it with a mouth ulcer or leaking to deep

Avatar universal
by Durapills, Sep 18, 2011
Very useful information, thank you Jose!

Avatar universal
by sam_r, Nov 13, 2011
Hello Dr.Gonzalez-Garcia,
This article is great except that is only talks about male-ejaculating in male/female's mouth (fellatio?) but not male/female licking vagina (or inside the vagina) cunnilingus, which is also oral-sex.

It will be nice to include this in your atricle and relative risks between fellatio as well as cunnilingus.

"A one liner- the risk is higher//same/lower for cunnilingus" would be a great addition to your article, as pointed out in many comments.

Thank you

Avatar universal
by bessx, Dec 15, 2011
What about male-male, pre-*** only? Can you catch it from that?

Avatar universal
by Mauritius820, Dec 19, 2011
I had oral sex with a random guy and im not too sure if he came in my mouth. I pulled away and i saw *** on my hand but wasnt sure if he started to come in my mouth. At this point i didnt have any cuts or anything in my mouth. About 15, 20 minutes later I had hot food that burnt my palate and I'm questioning myself If I have HIV... considering im not sure of this guys status. Can anyone bring light to my confusion if I have HIV or not?

Avatar universal
by reallyscared99, Jan 12, 2012
Is the person receiving the head at harm

Avatar universal
by reallyscared99, Jan 13, 2012

707563 tn?1626361905
by Emily_MHManager, Feb 15, 2012
Hi again everyone -

This is not the place to get answers from Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia.  If you would like his responses to your particular concern, please post in one of his forums:

STD - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---International/show/384  ;

HIV - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/HIV---International/show/383


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by kingsicnarf, Mar 19, 2012
Good day! im 26 y.o.. i was really worried because last jan. 2012 i have unprotected oral sex w/ a sex worker.. im reall y wooried if i was infected of HIV/std's.. ive undergone semen and urine analysis and urine culture test for me to make sure if im infected.. my first semen analysis was normal in sperm count but there are pus cells present 30-45hpf and i directly headed to a dr. nd the dr. gave me antibiotics doxycycline and inoflox..after ive done w/ doxycycline medication i undergo another semen analysis and the result is the pus cells present is now 15-21hpf..my urine culture test found bacteria which is STAPHYLOCOCCUS HAEMOLTYTICUS.. do i have std? or HIV? can you pls help me.. thank you so much!

Avatar universal
by samiam46, May 16, 2012
Hetro Oral Sex on  a female

I rapid tested at about 60 days after exposure and was negative. The woman who did the test said that the negative was a very strong one (indicated by the position of the line on the paddle) and she thought this was very encouraging AND  that I would show another negative  if I tested again at the 90 day mark but believed i was negative,PERIOD.

I am still very worried anyway but trying to be postive and think as little as possible about it.

I started having symptoms about a month after contact with a female masseuse on whom I performed oral sex. I know that it is said in many places that it is rare that men can receive HIV in this way but this was very full cunnilingus. She was hygenically very clean with no bad tastes or ordors.

My symptoms cam out of nowhere. I got nausea one night after dinner and then within a half hour threw up heavy. 3 days later the same thing happened but then the diarreah started.

I have had sore throat (only lasted a few days) dizziness, extreme fatigue and about four night sweats.

I am going back in a month to be tested again (90 day mark) but am wrroied that if these symptoms arent something else, I will have a tough chance at living a reasonably good life with HIV - I am 63, diabetic, with cardio problems and myleodysplastic syndrome. My immune system is already working overtime.

I havent had any symptoms for almost two weeks but extreme fatigue. I have to force myself to walk for exercise and do things around the house that dont wear me out quickly.

Right now, all I can do is wait but I would like opinions on the likelihood of this being HIV based on what I have said and if so, the likelihood of my surviving very long at my age and with my problems.  MANY THANKS.

Avatar universal
by czander, Jun 20, 2012
samiam: you do not have HIV. Even if the lady was positive, which is not at all likely, your chances are about zero that you contracted it. if you don't understand this, you need to read up on viruses and how fragile the HIV virus is. Then you were tested, and came up negative. Believe your doctors. Also, anti retroviral medication effectiveness doesn't have anything to do with how old you are, be lucky that you have made it to the age of 63 and don't for a moment think that this incident will affect your life or health in any way, as the son of a cardiologist however, i can tell you that if you smoke cigarettes or over stress about stupid things like this, your heart will definitely pay the price.  

Avatar universal
by bobafe, Aug 21, 2012
Received Oral sex from a chick who was my first cousin once removed step daughter. She said she had done some kind of sex or sexual play with 6 different guys before me. Then two nights later I dry humped her anally, during which I was just in boxers and she had underwear on. I climaxed first, then she did. What are the chances of A: having HIV or another disease transmitted while receiving a ********, or B: blood from the anus leaking through the two layers of underwear to infect me with something?

Avatar universal
by godsaveme1, Sep 07, 2012
Hello Doctor,
I would be thankful from the bottom of my heart if you could advise me:

The following is my case. I had two possible exposures:
1) Sep 2009 - A stripper gave me blow for a min or so without any condom. At that time, I had no idea about this is also a possible way of getting infected.
2) Nov 2010 - I went to Tijuana, Mexico and with one of the hookers there, the following happened. I was in my underpants, through which she blew me. I had contact with my mouth to her breasts(nipples) a few times. She then ejaculated me with her hand and a day after, I found that there were some tear on my organ under the foreskin (something like wear and tear). No Vaginal/Anal/Oral Intercourse. I am not sure whether any fluid oozed out of her nipples. To my knowledge, I dint see anything distinctly. I had just consumed three beers. But, I quiet clearly remember what happened.

Since that was the one and only time I had risked my life, I just wanted to make sure everything was fine and took an ELISA after two weeks. I was negative. But the doc said, just take once more after 6 months to get rid of this thought.

I had taken the foll tests (In chronological order):
1) Two weeks from exposure :- ELISA
2) 6 months :- CMIA
3) 8 months - CMIA
4) 8 months - Western Blot specific for type I, general for Type II
4) 10 months - CMIA
5) 12 months - CMIA
6) 20 months - CMIA

All the above tests have been negative so far. However, I am clearly describing my concerns below. Please someone help me:

1) I am falling sick more often nowadays.
2) I am getting mild oral ulcers. Frequent dry feeling in mouth and tongue. In turn due to dehydration, my tongue turns white. My ENT says, it doesn look Bad and it might be Geogrophic Tongue. She doesn know about my exposures.
3) Except CMV(Cyto Megalo Virous) I tested negative for all the other STI's. That is, I got positive for a PAST CMV infection in the past and tested negative for all the other STI's like Herpes, Chlymida etc.. But, some people say only people with lesser immunity get CMV. Mainly HIV patients. Is CMV really an HIV indicator?
3) Currently, the most recent freak out thing is, I am not able to swallow things properly (discomfort and pricking feeling) for the past one month or so. It feels like somethings there in my throat and sometimes its an mild unclear pain. Also, see mild white patches which goes off and sometimes come. I am fearing of oral candiasis.

My questions:
1)Whatever I did, are these possible exposures? Both the ones in Sep 2009 and Nov 2010. That is oral sex and sucking nipples (She said, she had a baby). So I am worried about coming in contact with her fluid.
2) Are the tests that I had taken reliable? Should I take PCR or some other test?
3) Some people on the internet are saying, "however people say these tests are not accurate and everyday people are dying due to HIV/AIDS which has not been identified properly by the tests". Is this really true? My confidence is shaken by this statement.
4) I was thinking hat Western Blot is the ultimate confirmatory test. But now, I am reading about PCR now. Is this PCR better than Western Blot?. Should I take PCR?
5)  whatever health issues I get(Hoping I should not), however may be it associated with an HIV symptom, should I at all be bothered? Thats what mainly freaks me out.
6) I am depressed and seriously concerned about my future. How much safe am I now?. What should I do to know whether I am good to go or not? I want to know whats happening, very soon. I don wanna wait and some one after 5 years comes and says I am screwed forever.
7) Finally, Like anybody else, can I boldly go ahead and start a family? Is there any chance of this issue creeping back again at any point?

Please Help Me. I am spending sleepless nights over the past two years.

Avatar universal
by Lira_MHModerator, Sep 07, 2012
Hi  everyone,

Quoting Emily from above...

This is not the place to get answers from Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia.  If you would like his responses to your particular concern, please post in one of his forums:

STD - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---International/show/384  ;;

HIV - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/HIV---International/show/383

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by leftlymphprobs, Aug 17, 2013
You state that you had unprotected anal sex with an HIV + male. I would be tempted to believe that this is where your infection occurred. However, there does appear to be a lot of misinformation about pathogenic infections, so who knows. Right now I am suffering from casts in my urine two months after having unprotected sex with a prostitute/ iv user, where I picked up a prostatitis and assumed chlamydia with reiter's syndrome which took three z-packs and two rocephin shots to stop the discharge from. I have been having a pain in my right side for the past month and a half and have read that glomerulonephritis can be caused by HIV and that reiter's syndrome can be a clue that one is infected with HIV. I will be asking my health provider to have me screened for HIV when I have my renal function panel and microalbumin checked tomorrow. I think that it was not worth a few orgasms to have gone through so much physical pain while trying to deal with the emotional trauma of divorce and loneliness. If I make it through this I hope I have learned my lesson, But I know that I have not learned anything because I have been seeing a different provider and have been hoping she would stop by all day. I can not understand why I have placed my children who are already growing up in this world without me, at risk of losing my financial contribution to their lives, and what little protection I can give them in life. I really feel like a horrible person for this, yet I know I will continue to seek companionship when it is available.

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by Sunshine6419, Aug 25, 2013
PLEASE everyone protect yourself if you're going to be sexually active. I am a 49 year old female, I have never had a sexually transmitted disease and always have never had a lot of sexual partners. I met this guy in 2002, but only talked to him mostly on the phone. Never went out with him because he was MARRIED but also a LADIES MAN, cheating on his wife. In 2004, he left his wife but we still never hooked up because he went to jail. We talked and wrote letters from afar and kept in touch. He got out of jail in 2007, and he told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. We got together and decided we were going to get married and be together. We got married in 2009. In 2012 I found out I was HIV positive only after I had a mammogram done. Found out that he infected me and didn't tell me, that he was HIV positive for years. He married me with the disease and didn't tell me. This has shattered my life. So I beg everyone just have protected sex and don't TRUST everyone.

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by scared2death821, Sep 10, 2013
Sunshine...sorry to hear that. ..I have had to deal with family members that have contracted HIV and other diseases. This site is very confusing...as it relates to oral sex and transmission risk.

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by gaz12345, Nov 05, 2013
What if the person performing oral sex had  bleeding gums

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by Maik008, Dec 02, 2013
Hi I'm 30Years I had a relationship protected and I've Baasalh hair Plumntgah sensitive and I have sensitive skin and I did not notice any Georh and after the Maaatkd three weeks to Ahoudt gland swollen in the neck and pain in the neck km day and I went and I suffered from Algulwn nervous system and chronic inflammation of the sinuses and I went to the DR and told me you have allergies and Atani anti-inflammatory sprays Krtzon in the nose did not Ataava and after 47 days have undergone a blood test at the center of government in the United Arab Emirates and the result is negative and after the analysis has been Aaataúa vaccine Hepatitis and I am still suffering symptoms such as itching and feeling tingling all over my body and tongue sore and glands swollen in the armpit and general fatigue and pain in muscles and joints, feeling the weight of the legs and red beans and night sweats and went to Dr. Thani said you have allergies the same Dr first and Atani hormone pills on Maaatkd Kortizon and anti-histamine and anti-cold and said I have obstructive channels sinuses and channels forehead area before this relationship I was having pain in the throat and addressed three packs antibiotic without medical advice did not improve and I suffered from San White Gold when I stopped and I stayed sore eating antibiotic, but the sores are still in day 91, or three months, subject to the analysis of whole blood per sexually transmitted diseases and they were all negative analysis Esmoh hiv1 & 2 abs + p. 24aq and I was negative I am still suffering the symptoms of the problem every reasonable tardiness and whether antibiotic nasal sprays and pills Topical steroids Topical steroids influenced by knowing I was a sincere treatment Maaatkd ten days prior to the analysis please take advantage of your experiences and help

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by alphalava, Jan 20, 2014
On Jan 2, 2014, I had my very first HIV screening. It was done in the order of (1) blood extraction, (2) initial counseling to set the expectation of the individual, (3) revelation of result, and (4) another counseling to help the individual cope with the situation. Of course, the fourth step is performed only if the resul of the HIV test is positive. I was told that the screening could only detect if I had been infected prior to 3 months before the test: which means anytime before October 2, 2013. The result of the test was negative or non-reactive. I was also tested for Hepatitis and one more test and I was non-reactive to them either. I was advised to get another test 3 months later after and to avoid having sex for 3 months. The purpose of it is to make sure that I am absolutely free from October 2 to January 2.

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by nimitrey3876, Jun 02, 2014

Dear Doctor,
Is oral sex safe or unsafe.. on 4th Dec 2012 I am going to massage center for body massage. A old lady gave me body massage after 10min she start to suck my pennies, I obstruct her but smile and start do. I feel good & continue 10min, but due fear after 10days I take HIV-1 & HIV-2 test which is negative, After Six month I do Same result negative. On 5th Nov 2013 I Take task which is also negative.

On 14th Jan 2013 accidentally I have food poisoning from food and for medical treatment i am hospitalized, during the treatment nurse put rubber hose in my nose to remove poison from my lungs. She forcefully put hose in my nose which is painful. From the same time onward I have a pain in my throat.

But fear here I want confirm that is it I am negative from last few days I face pain in my tonsillitis & I gone to ENT specialist as per his comment its due to long journey or pollution & unbalance food its occur but not a tonsillitis. Pls guide me what to do. sometime i feel pain in my hand & nerves but its for short time. Always i feel uncomfortable.
Now from 1st May 2014 I face tonsils from left side, Pain in neck & fell that gland develop .

From 1st May 2014 I feel Pain in Armpit for 20 to 30 min & in penile for one min a day or a week.

Please tell me the said symptoms is due to HIV, STD or GERD or due wrong treatment of poisoning.

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by nursegirl6572, Jun 02, 2014
To quote the moderators....

Hi  everyone,

Quoting Emily from above...

This is not the place to get answers from Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia.  If you would like his responses to your particular concern, please post in one of his forums:

STD - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---International/show/384  ;;;

HIV - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/HIV---International/show/383

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by Ricky7, Jul 13, 2014
Sure are a lot of people scared out there, for manly nothing. No knowlege is bad, but when one has too much, unconrirmed knowlege, that is much worse. Life is to short, stop worrying and complaining, have fun, enjoy yourself! ****, eat *****, and get all the blow jobs you can, where ever you can!

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by BarleySinger, Oct 07, 2014
OK To these people

[ Superbuggg]

Please stop spreading your ignorance. Some person night believe you.

Africa is a huge continent with a massive HIV pandemic. Most of that HIV there is a slightly different strain than the one common in the west, but it is the same disease. In Africa it is very common for HIV to be transmitted due to cultural attitudes involving sex and men and prostitution. Men are supposed to want lots of sex, and are supposed to be insulted about the idea of using a condom. They are go to prostitutes quite often. Many will not use condoms even if they are available because of cultural bias against them. These men then go on home and have sex with their wives and give them HIV, and the women then have kids who are HIV+.

As for for your "not if they are hetero" idiocy. I know a very straight female who has NEVER touched needles who got HIV from her first boyfriend. I was a part of a activist group for people with HIV. It is a virus. It does not care about cultural taboos, only that it manages to replicate. COLDS can be got by heterosexual people. Epstine Barr and HPV and the Flu can all be transmitted that way... so WHY in the name of reason do you think that heterosexual people are immune?

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by retroretakerz, Oct 20, 2014
What's the likely hood of getting an std or HIV from a ** for both men and women?

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by crazynate, Nov 22, 2014
I can not seem to post a comment in the right place.. Please forgive but I need advice.

hello, I recently had a sexual encounter with an african SW, she gave me an intense ******* without a condom and thereafter we had protected vaginal sex, I regret it this so much and feel terrible because I cheated on my girlfriend, ever since I have been stressed and anxious and 13days later I feel sharp pains in my back, chest and other places,my penis too, can you please tell me if I am at risk of HIV and why do I feel these sharp pains?

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by Soso132, Dec 09, 2014

I had sex but not **** with some prostiutions only touch kiss the boobs and kiss *** and massage
And my friend had the same with guys kiss lick touch use condom

And we are worry about HIV

Any advise or idea

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by ansul84, Jan 18, 2015
I had protected  anal sex with a transgender on 27 november 2014 .but he use her saliva as lub .he had white furry toungh  .and as this is my first receptive sex so damage is there in my anal mucous membrane . so may be his saliva came in contact of blood stream .
after 17 days symptoms which i had 6 kg weight loss , daily night sweat  and minor sore throat with white patch on throat tonsille from last one month . are this is ars symptom .

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by mkh9, Mar 07, 2015

Risk of HIV

My comment is: This is from the CDC website and a lot of people trust this website and the CDC.


Even though oral sex carries a lower risk of HIV transmission than other sexual activities, the risk is not zero. It is difficult to measure the exact risk because people who practice oral sex may also practice other forms of sex during the same encounter. When transmission occurs, it may be the result of oral sex or other, riskier sexual activities, such as anal or vaginal sex.

If the person receiving oral sex has HIV, their blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, or vaginal fluid may contain the virus. If the person performing oral sex has HIV, blood from their mouth may enter the body of the person receiving oral sex through the lining of the urethra (the opening at the tip of the penis), vagina, cervix, or anus, or through cuts and sores.

Several factors may increase the risk of HIV transmission through oral sex, including oral ulcers, bleeding gums, genital sores, and the presence of other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

It does agree that it is low risk but not NO risk. So, use a condom since you don't know who has oral sores or gum problems etc. This is my comment.


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by Spheh, Jul 17, 2015
What if the condom burst ?. . .are there any risk if it does ??

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by Vance2335, Jul 17, 2015
This is not a Q&A

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by skks, Nov 18, 2015
Dear Doctor,
Can HIV transmitted from the possible touch of precum though other sex partners hand to my lips and it's inner areas? Yesterday I met a friend and out of impulse I jerked him, though I do not have any cut in my fingers. However, while doing it he slightly inserted his two fingers in my mouth and touched the inner area of lips. It may touch the pimples of mine just below the lips too. No other activities performed after the same and I washed my hand and mouth with water few minutes thereafter. I got tested myself before 6 months and no other activities were performed after that apart from this one. It was not ejaculated till then , still

1) If he had very little little precum in his hand them what is the risk of transmission?

I am really worried and suffering from CSR in my eyes. Please help me to come out of this stress which can adverse the retinal detachment. Kindly help.

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by kojw, Jan 25, 2016
pls help me my penis sucked by 17 non infected persons will it cause aids

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by kojw, Jan 25, 2016
salaiva will cause aids???

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by jaebae091012, Feb 23, 2016
Can you get HIV from giving oral sex to a female? I'm a lesbian I went down on my girl and two days later my stomach hurt, throwing up and diarrhea , I donated plasma about a month ago and they called me ..I'm scared what do u think

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by Ausernameisverhardtofind123, Feb 28, 2016
Okay so let us say the person's blood got in your mouth but they do not have the virus would you get it still ?

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