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blighted ovum in 09

Jan 20, 2010 - 0 comments



blighted ovum







I have a 2 year old daughter and recently(feb-may 09) was pregnant with what i thought would be my second child. When I went in for my first u/s the tech said the baby was very small and she would not be able to measure it, I was already 8 weeks pregnant so that brought up a few concerns. She brushed it off and told me to come back in 3 weeks for a repeat u/s. I tried to put my worries aside till then hoping everything would be ok.

When we returned in 3 weeks they took my blood pressure, weighed me, and sat me in the room. She came in to preform the ultrasound and we were so excited thinking we were going to see our baby... So she has the thing on my belly and is looking for what seemed like forever... She sees nothing......... Im freaking at this point. Can that really happen? Can there be a sac but no baby? I had never heard of this!!!
At this point I am 11 weeks pregnant. So the doctor sends me to the hospital the next day for a better view on better machines. The tech took like 200 pictures and all i kept seeing was a huge black hole... I feel like dying at this point. My mother asks if she sees anything, the tech asks how far along i am i reply 11weeks, she says that if their were anything then it would ve well visable by now... Great! more hopeless luck... After taking all the pictures and killing my stomach for what seemed like 3 hours she leaves the room and says she is going to show all of it to the doctor... A little while later he comes in. . . . . Nothing is in there mam... I'm sorry.
Ok this has got to be the second worse day of my life ( the first being when my daddy died)! How, seriously how can this happen?
I continued back to my doctors office to schedule a D&C, Its what the doctor at the hospital suggested?... So i get back and he sits schedules and thats it... Wtf!!!??? ok, your not going to tell me what just happened in my body?!?! Omg are you serious?! SO i go in the next day for the D&C at 6 a.m. I am terrified, what happens when they do this? Am i having an abortion???
I go home after the surgery and with in 2 days infection set up in my body. I was so freakin sick i thought i was dying. all he tells me is take more medicine... Ugh!
So i finally get better and i want to know how all this happened. I start surfing the web for answers. The first thing that pops up is "Blighted ovum" so i do further research on it.
A month later i'm still researching it and i stumble accros a web sight for misdiagnosed blighted ovums?.... Omg.... Can that happen too? What? *sighs* I really hope that 2 doctors knew what they were doing!!! But now well never know? We will try again soon and if that happens i will let it happen naturally... never let a doctor talk you into something that you dont know anything about! Research first!!!

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