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Day 11 A good day

Jan 20, 2010 - 1 comments

Yep good day, other than the rain here in good ole indiana. Spent the day w my beautiful and hillarious 2 year old! Loved every minute of it. Prayed a lot for everyone here and my self. Laundry done, house clean, dinner in the making, and cleaned my lexus spotless. Gonna take my oldest to dance practice tonight, I love to watch her dance. Today I have made the decesion to live everyday through the bible verse... Life and death rely in the power of the tongue. Instead of my back hurts.. I confess back feels good, no more I am tired, I confess I have the energy. No more I am irritable I confess I am humble. And the best no more pills ever, for I am delivered. Funny too because I don't crave pills at all and really don't think about them other than how good it feels to be without them. For anyone reading this, please know if you dedicate yourself to be free you will make it, and love life without pills. For know the truth and the truth shall set you free. I am happy to have myself back, and I shall never look back, but only to be a living testimony.

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by PrinterAP, Nov 21, 2014
I am happy to see you are doing well. I felt bad when I read your post about your hubby yelling at you. I've been through abuse so I' can not have that in my life. I hope your hubs is being more kind and I hope you don't have to earn his support. I'm so very sad and lost and feel hopeless I need my hubby to help me not yell at me. He's sern all my suffering from my pain and from the side effects of A life of Narco. I asked him to help me get off the drug and we came up with s plan. We threw out all but just enought to wean me off. I can't go cold turkey. He had the Narco hidden and every 2 days he lays out one less pill. I'm down to 3 pills a day from 8 a day for 7 years. Tommorrow he will put out 2 for me and in 2 days then 1. I'm almost there and I've put everything else aside to do it. I see how well you are doing and it's hard to imagine I'll ever find that zest or joy for life again. I had so many things I used to enjoy and love to do but I don't see me ever feeling happy or motivated like you are. I know I'll get off the Narco but I can't believe it will impact my life like you are experiencing. I'm just so sad and feel so dark and panicky. I'm am happy for you and IT helps to read your stories you are so positive. Sadly I don't think happy ever after is in it for Me I'm just so sad. Thank you for sharing !

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