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New job, new sitter and going off PPD Meds

Jun 01, 2015 - 3 comments

So the new job is still going REALLY well! I'm busy - hence me not being on MH as much - but it's a good busy and I feel like I'm actually contributing! The commute has been heaven and the hours are perfect. It's really making such a difference for me at home.

Also, out of the blue, my mom and dad came to us (about a month ago now) and asked if they could watch the kids fulltime. My mom has been having arthritis pain in her hands and it's getting worse. She's a gardener by trade and so that was making it very difficult to do her job. Although my husband and I absolutely love the woman who was watching Alicia and Xavier (Jared was already going to my parents before and after school), we felt that having the kids with family would be best. Their first day is today. I've already received two texts from my mom with pictures of the kids playing, etc. It's so nice to see everyone adjusting so well! One of the other perks to this new arrangement is that Mike handles the drop-off of the kids. So I was able to enjoy a shower this morning without the fear of it being interrupted by one of the kids waking up early. So nice!!

Finally, I've decided to wean off my PPD meds. I've started taking them every other day and will go down to every three days next week. I just don't feel as if I need them to cope anymore. These recent changes have taking away SO much of stress I was under, I really feel like I can handle things on my own without the meds. Fingers crossed all goes well!! :-D

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790669 tn?1465189099
by Des_a_rae, Jun 01, 2015
AWw Heather this is great!!  Everything falling in to place.  Love that it's taken away so much unwanted stress. I also love the fact that your parents asked about watching your kids.  I have nothing against babysitters etc. but it's a different feeling I'm sure when it's your own parents watching them.  A feeling of comfort and the text and pictures of them playing is just the icing on the cake. :)  So happy things are working out for you and it's making you feel so much better.  This is how it should've been from the get go.  It just took a little bit to get here.  :D

982214 tn?1471454781
by krichar, Jun 01, 2015
That's amazing news! So happy everything is going perfectly :)

4261944 tn?1590535519
by laureninlove, Jun 06, 2015
Yay!! Glad all is finally going so well and so balanced in your home life :) :) take good care of yourself and enjoy life. Thinking of you often!! Xxxx

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