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List of Dr appointments before 1-1-10

Jan 21, 2010 - 1 comments

6-12-09 - went in for neck, shoulder, FM pain, and Migrain headaches. Dr Kira prescribed Relpax and Oxycodone. Wants to see me back after trying medications for 2 weeks. He also wants me to keep a headache diary.

6-26-09 follow up on migrains - changed med to Imitrex 100mg

7-10-09 Follow up on Migrains ,Pain in hands and wrists , and fungus on feet and toenails. Dr Kira said I have Ulna tunnle in both hands and wrists. Migrains less then before. Wants me to continue Headache diary.

8-7-2009 - Follow up for Migrains. Changed meds again for Migrains to Migranol nose spray and Porpranolol. Dr. Kira also rediagnosed FMS. Wants me to read a book about FMS to figure out what I would like help most with right now. He would also like to send me to a specialist, but we have no Health inshurance.

9-30-09 - FMS flair up. Saw the doctor for pain meds was givin percocet. He also changed the dose on the Propranolol

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by caliGurl78, Jan 22, 2010
Glad to know I am not the only one who is suffering and going to the dr all the time for my migraines.  I read in your post about keeping a headache diary. I thought I would tell you about the electronic one I keep.  I just to use paper but I was always forgetting it.  I use one that is on an iphone.  It can also go on an ipod touch or blackberry.  It is called iHeadache.  You can put in your symptoms, meds, triggers, and disability.  It produces a report for your doctor.  The website is  Take care!

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