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2nd Ultrasound Today!!!

Jul 02, 2008 - 1 comments






So I had my second ultrasound today... It looked great... I will post the picture when I get upstairs to the scanner. I am only 9 weeks but the baby measured 9 weeks and 3 days... It is growing like a weed. The baby was bouncing around and had a heart of 162-168!!! What a healthy little heart. The area the Dr. was worried about is still there, however he said there is no blood flow there and it is not tracking. Last year when I had my m/c there was tissue tracking through my cervix from the placenta. He thinks the placenta is just forming there... I am still needing to use the progesterone cream until 13 weeks he said...So all is well so far... I have to go get my blood work and schedule my appt with the nurse to go over all the paperwork. I am so excited that all is well at this point. I am still pretty sick and tired but I expect that to fade over the next 3-4 weeks as I move into the 2nd trimester....

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by Kimmy9093, Jul 02, 2008

What fabulous news! I hope to see my lil blueberry for the 1st time tomorrow.

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