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Ear Problem

Jan 22, 2010 - 0 comments



ear problems


ct scan



Went to the UoR ear center in Rochester NY today.  Once I told the Dr that with loud sounds, projecting my voice or loud noise from headphones, that my eyeball vibrates he said the problem is....(some long name). He then pointed out on a poster with cut away ears the semicircular canals(?) and the bone right above this.  He says the bone could be broke!  am being setup for a CT scan and will have confirmation at that time.  If this is the case, I'm told the only way to fix this is to take the brain out, fix it, then put the brain back in, since this bone separates the inner ear from the brain.  Not something I want to do so I may end up with this the rest of my life. :-(

Ringing in the left ear, plus a little in right.
Hear my voice in one ear very loud!
Hear my pulse all the time in that ear.
Hear my eyeball movements in that ear.
Hear my joints as I move, in that ear.
Brushing teeth on that side of the mouth is loud in that ear.
Bending over forward is the only time the symptoms go away.
Very similar to Patulous Eustachian tube (PET).

Eating crunchy cereal is murder!!!
Eating potato chips is murder!!!

One test performed by this Dr. is placing a tuning fork "on top" of my skull where I heard the tone coming "out" of my left ear.  fascinating!

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