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Swollen Right Tonsil & Pain

Jan 23, 2010 - 3 comments






I've been to a doctor before for swollen tonsil pain and tonsil stones. He said it was an infection and prescribed antibiotics. They didn't work at all. The doctor hardly even checked me. Now about 2 months later it hurts more than ever. I can feel how swollen and tender my right tonsil is just by lightly running my fingers under my ear and jawline. I don't even have to press on it. I'm also getting phlegm. I don't know what to do. I'm convinced I need a tonsillectomy but my parents won't get me checked out at all. I also think i have tonsilitis. Please help?

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by turkee23, Jan 25, 2010
WHY WONT YOUR PARENTS GET YOU CHECKED OUT?....opps sorry about the caps.... are you old enough to drive?...can you geta  ride to a clinic?

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by babybloo, Jan 25, 2010
Unfortunately no. It been like this for a while and we are REALLY low on money. We don't have insurance or anything and can never find a good doctor.

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by AutismMomofIdenticalTwinBoys, Jun 30, 2017
I frequently get nasty tonsil rocks. It's mostly bacteria from left over  food particles  that get trapped in the thin outer slit in your tonsil. I often have stones in the middle of my tonsil. Some are higher and some are very low on the tonsil..  After eating food, flushing all particles down with a good amount of fluid will help slow their production. Also if you smoke cigarettes you will always get them.

I'm not sure how many tonsil rocks you have or how big they are but I can tell you I remove rocks from my tonsils weekly and at times I can see no evidence of rocks behind the tonsil slits BUT I KNOW they are there because there is a constant irritating almost dry scratchy feeling every time I swallow and yes my tonsils are sore.

The best removal advice I can give you is exactly what works for me every time. Please know I'm just an average girl next door, well woman really, and this method has never failed me since 10th grade in high school. I am 31 and I have absolute zero medical credentials. The relief and satisfaction of uncomfortable and irritating tonsil rocks is one of the best small things in life that help to keep me sane. This is why I pass my methods along. Please consult a doctor before trying

Method One (my favorite)
1. Wash your hands EXTREMELY well.
2. Open your mouth as wide as possible in front of a mirror you are NOT holding. Try to locate a tiny white or yellow spec on your tonsil unless yours have been there for a long time. A flashlight is useful in trying to see those especially small ones that haven't come out all the way or the rocks that are very low on the tonsil. In my experience I can see a yellow spec no more than 30% of the time. Most successful stone removals were never seen before they were removed . So once you find your stone or you find your problem tonsil by knowing it's sore and had a scratchy feeling when you swallow, you do the most basic technique to remove one rock or even several hidden combined rocks in one area.

3.You quite literally take your finger and sometimes 2 fingers, depending on your gag reflex, and you gently push into the surrounding area on the tonsil that surrounds The visible stone and also remove more attached stones or sometimes more stones that were unattached and much deeper behind the original stones. So yes I basically said to pop it like a pimple. You may actually be shocked at the amount of rocks that are not visible on the tonsil but sure feel AMZING
Coming out. You instantly feel like your swollen, tired, irritating tonsils just nearly halved in size and feel amazing . It feels like an instant throat stretch technique that makes for more comfort and your breath for sure smells amazing with stones removed

. So why have a risky surgery that costs lots of money? This method works fantastically.

ave    Take 2 cotton swab or your finger( sometimex, that's my favorite tool, an

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